World War Heroes MOD APK 1.37.0 + OBB (Menu/Dame, Ammo)

World War Heroes MOD APK is a great shooting game. This game includes various features and benefits that will be extremely beneficial in your playtime. You may play this game with your friends or other gamers from all around the world. You may personalize your character with the weapons you choose and enhance it. You may play on a variety of maps and locales in this game! World War Heroes APK is fun for everybody who enjoys shooting and competing against other gamers!

About: World War Heroes MOD APK

World War Heroes MOD APK is a shooting game for multiple players. You may play with our friends and other people from all around the world in various modes such as Team Duels, Deathmatch, and Zombie Mode. You may fire foes with a variety of weaponry, including pistols, rifles, machine guns, and even rocket launchers. You may also play on various maps, such as Berlin or the Arctic. Due to its superb visuals and ability to operate properly on most platforms, the game has gone popular in Russia. Because it is an online play game, you must be connected to the web in order to play with others. World War Heroes APK is free to play, but if you desire unique goodies, we recommend spending real money on them (gold coins).

Features of World War Heroes

This is a popular combat-based shooting game. You may pick from a variety of weaponry in the game, including rifles and machine guns. You may compete against other people online or play against computer-controlled foes alone. You may change your character’s attire and skin color, as well as their gender (male or female). You can also use the money gained during gaming to purchase new weapons or enhance old ones. Certain maps include particular elements, such as snow or mud, that make movement more difficult for players.

Make your weapon more powerful!

You have the option of upgrading your weapon. You can obtain new weaponry. You may upgrade your ammo and health, as well as your armor and damage! The game is quite entertaining and addictive. If you enjoy first-person shooters, I definitely suggest this one!

weapon more powerful!

Battle players from around the world

World War Heroes is an online play game in which you may compete against individuals from all around the world. You may play with your friends, form teams, and compete in events. It’s a game that keeps you coming back for more since there are always fresh difficulties to face and new methods to enhance your abilities. This implies that regardless of how good or horrible you are at first, odds are you will progress rapidly since the game is so much fun!

Team Deathmatch

Team Features is a cooperative multiplayer game. The player can select between playing as the Axis or the Allies. The maps in this mode are the same as in Team Duels. There are two game types available to the player: Execution stage and Conquest. The purpose of Deathmatch is to eliminate as many foes as possible. Killing an adversary will award player scores. The contest is won by the side with the most points.

World War Heroes MOD APK

Huge Arsenal of Weapons

Pistols, submachine weapons, automatic rifles, and sniper rifles are all available. Each weapon has its own distinct qualities. You may upgrade them to increase their strength or personalize them with different colors to make them appear more appealing! This may also select from a large selection of camouflage clothing to help you blend into the scene. You may pick between urban, desert, and jungle locations. There are also various game types to choose from, such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Free For All Mode.

Splendid Graphics and Optimization

World War Heroes is a graphically impressive game. The graphics, animations, and lighting effects are all excellent, resulting in a game that is both smooth and visually appealing. This is significant since most phones have limited computing power. When a game runs poorly, it soon loses participants. World War Heroes, on the other hand, took this into account and tuned its algorithm for low-end phones! This game will not need much of your CPU or graphics card to operate at maximum speed!

World War Heroes MOD APK

Daily Rewards

The biggest cause of in-game cash is daily awards. At the conclusion of each day, you are rewarded with money, diamonds, and jewels. As you go through the game, your daily prize grows. The prizes are level-based, thus the more visitors play and gain XP, the better they get. If you want to quickly raise your in-game cash, you may buy gems from the store with real money.

Unlimited Ammo

Unlimited ammunition is a tool that allows you to shoot as much as you like as a soldier on the battlefield. If your goal is to take down opposing soldiers, this might be good for practice. Nevertheless, while having infinite ammo will give you an edge over your opponents, if they manage to approach too near or if they use weapons with huge magazines themselves (for ex, rifles), they may be able to overpower you and win the conflict.

Unlimited Ammo

MOD Info

  • MOD Menu
  • High Aim Assist // Increases Aim Assist
  • Unlimited Ammo // Ammo doesn’t decrease
  • One Hit Kill // Kill Enemies with 1 Hit
  • Godmode // Take No Damage
  • Radar Hack // See Enemies on the MiniMap
  • Speed Multiplier // Increase Movement Speed
  • Unlimited Grenades // 150 Grenades
  • Unlimited Medkits // 150 Medkits
  • No Spread // Removes Bullet Spread
  • Increased Fire Rate // Faster Firing
  • No Camera Shake // No Camera Recoil
  • FoV // Set Custom FoV
  • No Fall Damage // Take No Damage When Falling
  • No Muzzle Flash // Removes Muzzle Flash Effect
  • Premium // Premium Activated
  • Anti-Kick // You won’t be kicked from the match

Final words: 

The game has a distinct flair and is quite engaging. The visuals are fantastic, and the action is enjoyable and intriguing, with plenty of material to entice international players for more. There are also monthly awards, so even if you wouldn’t feel like gaming one day, there will always be plenty waiting for them when they return! Overall, this title belongs among the greatest accessible today.



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