Why are there many hackers in PUBG Mobile?

Why are there many hackers in PUBG Mobile? I believe that everyone ought just to quit playing PUBG. Describe my experience, please.

When I first began playing, there weren’t many hackers, and my team would lose at least one match every three (even at crown and ace rank). However, I’ve recently become aware of a change. Every day, we fail to win even one game. I had the impression that our adversaries already knew our whereabouts. So we began watching the opponents. They were utilizing a location hack, we discovered. In today’s world, hackers are so common that they appear in every game. Even custom rooms are unable to avoid it. It almost crossed the line yesterday.


Download hackers


Amateur hackers murdered us. We were watching them as a result. A different hacker group also eliminated them (they were using a wall hack). Now another hacking squad killed this squad (using location hack). What the hell?

You cannot, under any circumstances, defeat three hacker squads in a single game. I don’t believe PUBG will take any meaningful action to stop it. Just give up on that, then.

Check out Asia’s top LongShot player with his KD ranking (Kill Death ratio) if you want proof. It is roughly 162 (LOL, LOL, LOL). Even for a professional player, keeping KD under six is challenging (And there are 100 players in the match, BTW). What on earth is happening in this world?

I made my point by speaking up. If you have the same experience, kindly share. It’s undoubtedly false to believe that your gameplay is deteriorating. The problem is that hackers are destroying everything.

Check to see if Apple can respond to this in any way!!

We assume they are still working to solve their terrible Tencent Gaming Friend:

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