War Robots Multiplayer Battles

One of the best games to play about giant robots that fit into your pocket, War Robots is one of the biggest shooter games about giant robots. Play in epic PvP battles against rivals from all over the world and prove that your pilot skill, speed, and toughness are the best! Prepare yourself for unexpected attacks, tricky tactical maneuvers, and other tricks the enemy might use to attack you. Take them out! Take them down! Get them upgraded! As you meet the requirements, you can become stronger – and prove that you are the best mech commander in the online world of War Robots!


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  •  Make your choice of fighter. With over fifty robots to choose from, you’re sure to find the right robot to match your style.
  • Choose the robot that best suits you. Feel like crushing and destroying something? Do you want to protect and save the world? Are you just trying to annoy your enemies to death? A massive selection of weapons is available for you to choose from, including ballistic missiles, plasma cannons, and giant shotguns!
  • Customize your weapon. Robots can be customized with different weapons and modules based on your preference. Select the combination in which you want to show off your skills,
  •  Take part in multiplayer battles together. Take part in multiplayer battles together! If you prefer, you can start your clan or join one with many members! It is a great way to find partners and friends!
    Battle by yourself if you want to. Would you rather play alone? There are also unique modes for lone wolves, such as Arena and Free-for-All.
  • Find out more about them. Every update brings new features and additions to the War Robots world, and the ever-growing War Robots community is always willing to answer any questions that may arise.

War Robots is a game that requires a stable internet connection for the best possible gaming experience.
I wish you a successful hunt.

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