How to upgrade weapons in Mini Militia in 2023?

I’m not sure how well-known this is, but you can download the latest version of mini militia straight from Google play’s servers. I only found out recently when I Upgrade Mini Militia and refused to play until I updated it (I was on 4.1.1930), which came included in a patch (apparently, something that’s fixed in the new update).
This is how I did it. Since I’m on Cyanogen Mod 11 (based on Android 4.4), these are the steps for this ROM type.

  • They should be similar to other kinds of Android, though in one way or another.
  • Get your current version number. Open the “about.”
  • section of min mili and it should tell you something like this:
  • Build Number: 1930
  • Now open a browser window on your phone and go to
    this site: android drawer/build
  • From there, find the latest number in the “android-SDK” section (should be near the top of that list)
    and add it to your current version number.
  •  1930(current version) +22 (the latest build number
  • After you’ve got your string, go to this site:android-app

Download Mini Militia Hack


Find the latest version in the “android-SDK” section, and add that number to your queue the current version is 1930

The Latest Build Number is 1972 + 228

  • Get your APK, and the latest one should be at the top of the list.
    MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE “VERIFICATION TAG,” or your device will probably not work with this app!
  • Open your ADB folder, and navigate to the “platform-tools” subfolder.
    Hold shift and right-click in an open space, then select “open a command window here.”
  • Connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable.

When You’re Connected, Type The Following Into Your Command Window:

  • ADB devices
  • You should get a device number if it’s working. Go ahead and close that command window now too.
  • Reboot your phone.
    • Hold down the power button, then select reboot.
  • After your phone has booted, go ahead and install the .apk you got in step 5 by typing:
  • ADB install -r (your apk file name).
  • For this step, it is recommended to reboot your phone again, but it isn’t required.
    Once the installation is complete, open MinMilitia and check the version number!
  • Lastly, uninstall that update from your phone.
  • Go to settings -> Apps -> All (scroll down to the “all” option)
  • Find “MinMilitia update Service,” Clear its data and uninstall the app.
  • You can go back on google play and re-install that update if you want, but I suggest uninstalling first.
  • It may fix some problems you’ve been having with the game too.
  • If that doesn’t work for you, feel free to post in the comments, and I’ll try to help out.

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I am going to tell you how you can upgrade your weapons fastly in mini militia. I wish you like this video.



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