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Learn how to use Looks like your Spotify account! Let’s be honest, what type of music is your favorite? By using Spotify’s listening stats tool, you can get insight into your music taste. Streamline your Spotify account with an excellent design and get daily Spotify statistics about your top artists, songs, genres, and more, all in one place with charts included.
In addition to giving you a lot more value from your Spotify accounts, this tool will reveal your taste, your most-played songs, and artists on Spotify and help you gain extensive knowledge about your listening habits and discover how mainstream or obscure your music is flavors are. No matter what, it doesn’t judge your musical taste. Make your judgment!
Listening to stats on Spotify is a tool that gives you a better understanding of what you listen to, but it doesn’t end there. In addition to showing you your most recently played songs, with details as to when you last played them, it also gives you a list of recommended songs based on your Spotify profile that you may enjoy listening to.


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How to check your Spotify stats

Statistics for Spotify is probably the most basic “statistics” site you will find, even if you are a Spotify fan. When you log into your Spotify account, you’ll be able to see the last month’s favorite artists, songs, and genres, as well as all-time favorites.

At the very bottom of your Top Tracks page, you’ll even find a button called “Create playlist.” you can use to instantly create a playlist that contains all the songs on that list.

What is the best way to find my Top Artists/ Songs on Spotify?

There is a Spotify listening statistics tool available to everyone that enables them to explore and analyze their Spotify listening habits for three different periods (last month, last six months, all-time) and find out what songs and artists they’ve streamed the most, which are their favorite genres on the service, and how they listen.

To find out your musical preferences, your top 50 artists, songs, and albums from the previous four weeks, six months, and of all time, all you need to do is sign in to your Spotify account with your real name.

What are my Spotify stats that I can check out?

Look at your most-listened-to content on Spotify during the past month, last six months, or since you started using Spotify. There are many things you can learn about your playlists here based on the content you’ve just played on Spotify:

  1.  Artists you should know about
  2. This feature is a list of the top artists you listen to (usually 50 artists).
  3.  The artists will show you the most-listened-to tracks (usually 50).s (usually 50 channels). With Spotify, you can analyze any song you wish to learn more about a little bit more (genre, popularity, etc.) or save your top tracks to your Spotify account in a playlist.
  4. The genres that you like Favorite tracks from the main genres
  5. From your Spotify genre stats, you can find out the most popular main genres that set you apart from your peers. Click here for more information about the main music genres in general.
  6.  The Subgenres You Love
  7. Listed below are the stats of the most popular subgenres that you may discover new subgenres that you have never heard of.
  8. Top Decades of All Time
  9. Here For Those of You Who Are Musical Time Travelers! Let’s hear what you’ve been listening to throughout the decades. Joyed listening to? Do you have a favorite decade that you enjoy listening to?
  10.  Do you have a favorite genre of music?
  11. Has your music become more energetic or sadder? What percentage of your top songs are instrumental or loud? There are many moods in a song, including Popularity, Happiness, Danceability, Energy, Acousticness, Instrumentalness, Liveness, Speechiness.
  12.  Your Spotify listening history shows you how many songs you have listened to.
  13. You can see how many songs you have listened to in the following section. Are you able to tell us which songs you have recently heard, as well as the source of them (did it come from an album to a playlist?).

To see the most listened-to songs on Spotify for the past year, you can go to your “Your Top Songs 2020” page on Spotify.

The following table compares the statistics of 3 different periods

In the chart above, you can see how your ranking has changed over time, shown by arrows, where the last month’s stats are compared to those of the past six months, and the previous six months’ stats are compared to those of all time.

  • There is a green triangle in your charts, which means the item increased in rank.
  • There is a red triangle in your charts while circling: It made it into your graphs for the first time. Newly created it to your charts.
  • The hyphen signifies fixed in place (i.e., not up, not down, nor new).

Please note:

  • There is no need to worry, this tool is safe, and your listening report is private. No Spotify data regarding users is stored by this tool.
  • You have access to your Spotify statistics each day.
  • You can save your favorite tracks/recommendations on Spotify if you wish.
  • When you have signed in with the wrong Spotify account, you can log out of Spotify by clicking Logout on You will then reopen this tool and sign in to a different version again.

If there is any other issue, you would like to discuss (as well as concerns, compliments, or suggestions), send it our way! We would love to hear from you!

Anyway, if you need to disconnect this tool from your Spotify account for any reason, you can do that here under the app name “Chosen.”

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