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ShareMe APK; It must be a bit challenging to manage a large amount of data with high-speed sharing simultaneously. ShareMe is the App that people can rely on when they want to share or send their extensive data containing confidential information. In other words, ShareMe could be introduced as an outstanding file-sharing App that offers great features than a normal file-sharing application. Considering all of its benefits and features, you should imagine it was developed by a famous company called Xiaomi Inc.

Hope you have heard about this company, “Xiaomi.” They provide free application services to the “ShareMe” user base, available on Google Play and iTunes store. They released their unique App on November 7th last year on a special note.


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What is ShareMe Apk?

ShareMe supports a wide range of Android devices. ShareMe is a useful app for users who want to send and receive maximum data. When it comes to the quality of the data being transferred, ShareMe transfer offers the best service, which helps you transfer quality data to a person who receives them quickly. ShareMe transfers a massive amount of data within seconds, and its speed can be measured anywhere between 50-100 Mbps.

Main Features of ShareMe Apk

-Transfer & share files

quickly share images, videos, music, apps, and files between mobile devices.

-Share files without the Internet

Transfer files without using mobile data or connecting to the network.

-Transfer files between Android devices

Android devices are supported! Use the preinstalled version of ShareMe on Mi Devices or download the App from Google Play.

-Intuitive and friendly UI

ShareMe has a simple, clean, and user-friendly transfer files interface. Files are sorted into categories (e.g., Music, Apps, and Images), making them easy to find and share.

-Resume interrupted transfers

No worries if your transfer got interrupted due to a sudden error. You can resume it with a simple tap without starting over.

 -Simply UI makes you feel comfortable.

 -Send large files

-Sharing photos, music, videos, apps, documents.

-Multiple languages supported:

Chinese, English, Español, Português, ру́сский язы́к, українська мова, Tiếng Việt.

How to transfer files on your PC using ShareMe?

Using your PC: Share Me is an easy and fast way to transfer files from your computer to your smartphone, tablet, or any other device with a wireless connection. Select the file, choose where you want it to be sent, and let Share Me do the rest!

While ShareMe can’t be directly installed on your computer, this isn’t a problem. You need to install an emulator so that the App will be able to run better on your PC. There are many emulators today, such as Bluestack, Phoenix, Game loop, and MEmu, but we trust Bluestack the most because it works best while also managing to operate smoothly on your PC, just like ShareMe does.

How to use ShareMe?

Open the application Share Me that you downloaded previously.

Open the Share Me application in the receiver’s device too.

Select Send or Receive (If you want to send data to the other partner, press send. If you want to receive data from the other partner, press Receive.)

Select the apps that you want to be sent. Any file can be transmitted through Share Me, such as apps, videos, photos, or whatever. 

You can send files the second you scan the receiver’s QR Code.

Enjoy the File sharing with Share Me.

Frequently Asked Question | Faq’s

Is ShareMe a free app?

Yes, absolutely. This App is fully free. There are no paid versions in this application.

Does ShareMe charge data while sending and receiving files to or from another device?

No obviously. It does not charge any data while you are transferring.

Are there any limitations to transferring files?

There are no specific limits to transferring files to another device. You can send any amount of files at lightning speed. It does not matter whether your file is with large capacity or low capacity. It transfers the file into the other device as fast as possible.

Are there any file formats that cannot be sent using Share Me?

Videos with high resolutions such as HD and Ultra HD can be shared using Share Me. There will be no quality loss when the other person receives the videos. So, the person who receives the videos can watch them in high resolutions.

The user can send any video format like png, jpg, BMP, raw, etc., from one device without compression or a quality loss in the image. Besides, you can transfer or receive any special file formats such as HTML documents, Adobe Files, IOS Images, and many more through Share Me.

Do the files we transfer stored somewhere?

No, obviously. Share Me App fully guarantees that the files you transfer will never be stored in any other place.

Does ShareMe support any device?

Share Me supports many platforms such as Android, MAC, Windows, and IOS devices, especially Android devices such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo, LG, RealMe, and many more.

Generally, in many data transferring applications, it is quite impossible to share data and files on cross platforms, but you can easily share files between cross platforms using ShareMe Apk. As an example, you can share files between IOS and Androids.

Is ShareMe Application harmful to the device?

Share e is a verified app in Google Play Protect, so we almost guarantee that it is not harmful to your device. Five hundred million users prove that the App is quite popular.


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