How do I recover my money if my Cash App account is hacked?

If your Cash App account has been hacked, there are a few steps you can take to try to recover your money:

  1. First, contact the Cash App support team immediately to report the issue. You can do this by opening the Cash App on your phone, going to the “Account” tab, and selecting “Cash Support.”

contact the Cash App support

  1. Next, change your Cash App login information. This includes your password, PIN, and other security measures you have set up for your account.

change your Cash App login information

  1. If you have linked your bank account to your Cash App, contact your bank and let them know your account has been hacked. They can help you recover any funds transferred from your account.

funds transferred from your account

  1. Suppose you have provided personal information to the person who hacked your accounts, such as your Social Security number or credit card information. In that case, it is essential to protect yourself from identity theft. This may include contacting the credit bureaus to place a fraud alert on your credit reports and monitoring your accounts for any suspicious activity.

It is also a good idea to review the security measures you have in place for your Cash App account and consider implementing additional steps to recover my money from future hacks. This could mean turning on two-factor authentication, not giving your login information to other people, and being careful about emails or messages that look suspicious.


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