Raistar Sensitivity & Headshot [ settings, custom HUD ] New Tool

You are looking at a tool called Raistar Sensitivity Headshot GFX, a program that will calculate your device configuration to provide you with the sensitivity settings that Raitar uses. Figure your device’s hardware configuration. As a result, your gameplay will be improved, and your headshot rate will be increased.


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1. Fix sensitivity.
2. Boost headshot rate.
3. Improve gameplay visuals.
4. Auto headshot gfx tool.
5. Headshot hack.
6. Sensitivity hack.

Legal Information About Raistar Sensitivity Headshot

 Legal Information About Raistar Sensitivity Headshot

What is Raistar sensitivity?

Raistar has been updated with a new level of sensitivity. This sensitivity is reflected in the name. The new class of sensitivity is 95. A Red Dot of 90 denotes an increased level of sensitivity.

AJJU Bhai, how sensitive is he?

According to Ajjubhai, if players are uncomfortable with the general sensitivity setting, adjust it to 100. Besides sensitivity, he also said that critical factors affecting a successful headshot attempt include the layout of the HUD, control settings, and display settings.

What is the face of Raistar?

It is Akshay who is the real Raistar. Raistar, aka Akshay, is a resident of Kerala in the Indian state of Kerala. The 18-year-old Raistar was born and raised in Kerala.

What is Raistar Free Fire ID?
I would like to mention that Raistar’s Fire ID is ‘12022250.’ ‘ His current level is 75, and he could receive a boost if he hits level 60.

What is the headshot rate of Raistar?

There were 5252 headshots taken by Raistar, which is equivalent to 35.56 % of their total number of headshots. In about 401 games, Raistar registered a booyah, indicating a win rate of 11.34 percent, while playing alone in 3535 solo games.

What is B2K sensitivity?

The sensitivity settings for B2K’s Free Fire are listed below: General: 79. The Red Dot setting is 45. There is also scope for 2X zooming. There is also scope for 4X zooming.

What is the use of sensitivity in Free Fire?
It is a feature that allows the player to control the movement of the weapon in the game by manipulating the sensitivity. However, most players are unaware of the existence of this feature regardless of how much it affects gameplay. When used properly, sensitivity in games can significantly increase the success rate and gameplay of the game as well.

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