Play this MM Super Patcher v4.5 [All Versions Download for Android APK Free ]

Hello, friends that are an MM Superpatcher v4.5 With KMODs, and now I am following again the time. Sorry for here delayed-release; I am involved in my education and more jobs. Therefore I struggled hard to update the patcher’s complete interface. Indeed at this time, I was telling it unfinished because, however, I require to operate. But forever, with this job, you all will be happy. I received tonnes of spam and communications on a fault for application menu, app crashes, connection problems, disease exposure, etc., and I fight hard to punish most of the germs already in that version. I redesigned UI for easy travel. I admitted the early read requests control. I planted oreo card noises and many more. Of presently, no extra space/red or different type of apk. mmsuperpatcher will have only one apk. Unique additional languages are further added for planned rises. And I allowed multi-version relief in v4.4 and v4.5 and higher for exciting new future mm support without refreshing patcher every time. You will require to install the latest version only for some difficulties and new features.


Download Link


App NamwMM SuperPatcher
App Size5MB
Comparability WithMini Militia 4.3.5
Instalation 1000000*

MM Super Patcher Download Apk v4.4 for Mini Militia v4.3.5

Into the download sections provided here, download MM Super Patcher plus Mini Militia 3. All of you can download Mini Militia into as this Patcher operates the most suitable for the New game free on the

Features of MM SuperPatcher Apk Game Offline

1: Go on

2: You can take mod even playing(It depends on the media guide).

3: Identity Apk For Each mod.

4: New Game Also Modded Game will leave you can build a bypass for the modded game.

5: Still Work Outdoors Root.

6: Right Patching here.

7: Patch will practice on real( Apk so Not QP-Mod Server.

8: Terms of Mods Available.

9: Practice the Free icon to open-close Energetic Patcher.

10: Just Around six MB size.

Install Steps:

  1. Install Game from
  2. Open mm SuperPatcher With Hack All version of Mini Militia.
  3. Present it guarantees that asked
  4. Give it a shot and refresh.
  5. Drive First Button; it will cause the patched play and live right-hander
  6. Choose mods, and they will practice without taking anything.
  7. Reduce it with a close key of MM Super Patcher by k-mods 2023
  8. If you need to check the menu, click on the door icon.
  9. Private publishers PatcherPatcher to close PatcherPatcher to Super Mini Militia MOD.



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