Mini Militia Tournament 2023 [ Use Battle Monk & earn money ] Big Players

If you want to learn more about evolving as a mini militia player and how you can become a mini militia player, then you are at the right place. You are concerned about taking part in the most thrilling mini militia tournament funded by Battlemonk App.

This tournament will be the most oversized mini militia tournament ever hosted online. Theretofore, we had maintained a lot of mini militia tournaments before, like Duet Mania, Triplet Mania, Ultimate Clan Battle, and Mini Khel Yojna. Still, this one will be even bigger and better than the others.

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How to Join a Mini Militia Tournament

  • You can learn about all the tournament details in Discord’s tournament-info text channel.
    • You can access the tournament lobby by clicking on the tournament-info channel’s tournament-lobby link.
    • Those who wish to participate in the tournament should enter the tournament code !!! Register in the channel #tournament-lobby if you want to be part of the tournament.
    • Upon joining the tournament, you will get a direct message from the tourney bot; type! Join Solo in the Direct Message box; you will be able to choose where to go.
    • It has been a pleasure to work with you on the Mini Militia Tournament registration.


  1. I want to invite you to join my tournament.
  2. I look forward to seeing you there.
  3. Select the option that says “play custom.”.
  4. Depending on what you prefer, you may either create or join the game.
  5. In the case of foul play, you may report it as well. To contact a gamer, please attach a screenshot. Using the Challenge Lobby, you can choose a player that you wish to challenge from a list of online players.

Participation Requires certain steps.

To begin, you must download the Mini Militia Doodle Army 2_v4.3.3 version through the following link. The newer versions of Mini Militari will not be allowed as custom rooms require this version only. You may need to try removing the latest version of mini militia and installing this version again if you have difficulty installing this version. Please do not hack the game.

Create your account using the BattleMonk App by downloading the app and signing in using Gmail.

The app BattleMonk will show you many games once you have completed creating your profile. From the Mini Militia section of the app, you can participate in matches at your own convenience, according to your own schedule.

The Room ID details will be sent to you 15 minutes before the match time through a notification to the BattleMonk App once you join.

Using the details you received through the notification, join the custom room.

This tournament has the following format.

It is anticipated that there will be a total of ten matches in which each game will have an equal number of players. There will be a cash prize of Rs 20 distributed through the BattleMonk App for both the lobby and match. 

How can I earn money by playing Mini Militia?

Yes, you can actually earn money by playing Mini Militia! Here’s how:

1. First, sign up for an account with a reputable online gaming company.

2. Next, choose Mini Militia as the game you wish to play.

3. Once you’re in the game, start winning battles and completing missions.

4. For every victory and mission completed, you’ll earn money that goes directly into your account.

5. Finally, cash out your earnings whenever you want and enjoy your extra income!

So there you have it! You can easily earn money by playing Mini Militia. Just make sure to sign up with a reputable gaming company and always play your best!


Does Mini Militia have any tournaments?

There are currently 200 communities across the globe where Mini Militia esports tournaments are being held at the local level.

Who is the best Mini Militia player?

There is no one answer to this question, as everyone has their own opinion. However, some people may consider themselves the best Mini Militia players based on their own skills and achievements. Others may believe that someone else is the best player based on their own observations. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide who they believe is the best player.



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