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100% perfect Mini Militia Guide with latest Doodle army 2 in 2022 is available to this article is free for reading. The guidance mentioned above also supports you in how to measure your latest Mini Militia  2022 skill. Users can check the position with a diverse set of interests for death and kill.

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Get mini militia


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 Mini Militia Skill Guide 2022

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This Mini Militia information is an excellent grade for your abilities to perform on fight or drive home with several guns; Mini Militia mod 2022 information online by articles is 100% free for download in the individual most modern version. Furthermore, you can modernize it countless times.

More information is available in this article

-Which Heroes are worth buying & which ones aren’t? (Mini Militia Default Names Version)

My Introduction/Contact Info How to unlock all Weapons and Characters

 How to find Game Passes in Chests

 How to use the different Modes

 [Classic, Siege, Battle Royale]

 My Opinion on Each Weapon [Mini Militia Default Names] Mods that don’t require Root or Jailbreak Mods that require Root or Jailbreak How to get the Maximum Battle Rating Which Heroes are worth buying & which ones aren’t? (Mini Militia Default Names Version)

#1: My Introduction/Contact Info

 Who is this guy, and why should I listen to him? An excellent question. I’m pretty new to writing articles. However, I am experienced in playing Mini Militia. This game has been my favorite game for quite some time now, and my most played on Android. I once was trying to find all the information about Mini Militia in one place. However, I couldn’t find anything. There were no guides that contained all the information I needed, or at least it didn’t answer everything I wanted to know. That was when I decided to make my guide. Whenever you find something in this (or in any) article that is incorrect and needs updating, please get in touch with me in one of the following ways:

Epic Discord ID:

 The number 1 favorite game of all time, mini militia guide Fun, addictive, entertaining, and full of action. This is my own personal wiki/guide for the latest version of the game. This will be about everything you need to know to become good at this amazing game! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me through my email ([email protected] ) or Discord ID: Epic#1025.

Unlock all weapons and characters.

  Mini Militia is a viral game with many variations of it. I will be talking about the latest version of it, which is Mini Militia v5.2.1032/1047. This game usually has 3-8 Weapons and 4-6 Characters to choose from on release, but more Weapons are added after some time. With each update, the number of available Weapons goes up by 1 or 2 (usually). There are currently 14 Weapons in the game. To unlock every Weapon in this game, just follow one of these methods:

Hack into Military Base with 5-Star General (Unlimited) Hack into Missile Silo with 6-Star General (Unlimited) Complete Cinco De Mayo Special Event Missions [10x]

Find game passes in chests.

Mini Militia gives out Weapon Game Passes in Chests, so you can use them to unlock Weapons. Before the most recent update, there were only 2 Chests: Free and Super. After it came out, though, there was a third Chest added called Elite. Each Chest costs $0.99, And if they ever go on sale, they will be reduced to 0.49$. So if you want to save some money, wait for the Chests to go on sale before buying them. You can check how many Coins you have by going into your profile from the home screen.

The most effective way of getting Game Passes is through Elite Chests. Elite Chests give out 25 Game Passes, which is more than both Free and Super Chests. However, you will have to buy the Elite Chest a lot of times to get all the Weapons in this game. You can also get lots of Coins from Free & Super Chests, but if you want Coins for free, I suggest you go into Customize mode and play around with the Coins to your liking.

Always look in every corner of the map! Some people even put Game Passes there when they are done playing. Sometimes, when you complete a match, you can get Gold. If you don’t win any Chests from that match, I suggest restarting your game or getting killed. That way, you can know where the Chests are on the map.

How to manage your Inventory properly

  This is one of the most important things in this game! Not having enough inventory space prevents you from using all of your Weapons and Power-ups, making it hard to play the game. You can increase your Weapon slots by buying the Weapon Slots Boosts. But since it doesn’t tell you how many more Weapon Slots are available, here’s a list of all 18 upgrades:

 1 Slot – Free 2 Slots – 300 Coins 3 Slots – 700 Coins 4 Slots – 1,500 Coins 5 Slots – 2,000 Coins 6 Slots – 3,000 Coins 7 Slots – 4,000 Coins 8 Slots – 5,000 Coins

9 Slots – 6,000 Coins 10 Slots – 8,000 Coins 11 Slots – 10,000 Coins 12 Slots – 12,000 Coins 13 Slots – 15,000 Coins 14 Slots – 20,000 Coins

 15 Slots – 25,000 Coins 16 Slots – 30,000 Coins 17 Slots – 40,000 Coins 18 Slots – 50,000 Coins

What are Boosts?

Boosts are items that you can use to give yourself an advantage over other players. They have many different uses, and they activate automatically when used. You can have a maximum of 5 boosts in your Inventory at any time, but they can be bought in the shop if you want more Boosts.

Here are all of the other Boosts available in the game:

                – Weapon Slots +1 – Costs 3 Coins

                – Coin Magnet – Costs 1 Coin per use (5 uses

                – Coin Doubler – Costs 2 Coins per use (5 uses)

                – Turbo Speed – You get +300% move speed for 10 seconds; Costs 1 Coin

The following Boosts cannot be bought in the shop, but they can be won from Chests:

Weapon Slots +1, Coin Doubler, Turbo Speed – Can be found in Elite Chests

Coin Magnet – Can be found in Free Chests

How to unlock new Maps and Characters

  There are a total of 21 Maps available for download. They can all be accessed through the “Maps” section of the shop. There are also 10 Characters available for download. You can access the Character section of the shop by pressing your Player icon on the bottom of the screen.

Is there anything I can buy with Coins?

  Yes, you can! Here’s a list of things that you can purchase with Coins:

Mini Militia Shirt – 1,200 Coins

– Mini Militia Hat – 300 Coins

   – Gold Weapons [Axes, Bows, Dynamite] – 1,500 Coins each (Gold weapon stats are the same as their normal counterparts)

– Elite Chests [Each Chest contains 5 random Boosts] – 1,500 Coins each

  – Free Chests [Each Chest contains two random Boosts] – 300 Coins each

– Coin Doubler – 3 Coins

How to use Gems?

 If you’re a non-paying player and don’t want to spend $1 for 14 Gems, you can watch a short video and get 50 Gems in return.

Here’s how: Download the “TapJoy” app from the App Store or Google Play. The instructions on how to install it are listed when you open the app.

After installing Tapjoy, go back to your main screen and open the mini militia guide.

– Tap on “More Apps” and select the “Free Gems” option.

– You will be redirected to Tapjoy, where you need to complete offers or watch videos to get Gems. There are different amounts of gems offered for each offer/video, so be sure to check them all out before completing one to get the most Gems possible.

– You can also use Tapjoy to earn Coins or get Armory Tickets. Coins are used for Boosts, while Armory Tickets are used to unlock new Weapons. If you have plenty of Coins but don’t want to spend real money on Boosts, this is an excellent way to go about it. When you complete an offer/watch a video for Armory Tickets, Open Tapjoy and choose the “All Available” option to get them all at once; There are only 100 of each to be had in total!

– You can also earn free Gems through Tapjoy by using their app on your mobile device every day! For more information on this, read the Tapjoy faqs by clicking HERE.


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