What is Hyperbook in Free Fire? Galaxy Hyperbook Top-Up Event

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What is Hyperbook in the Free Fire?

As a result, there are a significant number of players who do not yet know the answer to the question, “What is Hyperbook in Free Fire?” You need not be concerned about it, however, as you have selected the most pertinent article to your inquiry and will provide the answer.

In the game Free Fire, the Hyperbook is a collection of legendary artifacts that can only be accessed once unlocked.

Hyperbook in Free Fire

The preceding message was a linked short-term about Hyperbook. When the Rampage event was going on, a free fire was held where Hyperbook was first shown to the public. The whole story of Rampage was based on the idea of wolves and their ability to change color. Every premium item that was available in Rampage can alter the color scheme. And so, what is the connection with the Hyperbook?

What exactly is this Galaxy Hyperbook you speak of?

The Galaxy Hyperbook may be referred to as the Hyperbook 2.0 because it is the second premium Hyperbook to be released under free fire. On the other hand, as mentioned before, the Hyperbook has many legendary objects; without a doubt, the Galaxy Hyperbook also holds the same things. The list of items can be found down below.

Galaxy Hyperbook

  1. Backpack skin
  2. MAG7 gun skin
  3. Katana skin
  4. Legendary emote
  5. Loot box skin
  6. Grenade skin
  7. Sports car skin
  8. Gloo wall skin

This is the last thing on the list of things you can do with the Galaxy Hyperbook.

Next, we will discuss the event connected to the Galaxy Hyperbook that we just discussed.

Specifics on the top-up event for The Galaxy Hyperbook

A comparison can be made between this top-up event and another top-up event. However, to participate in this event and receive a free scythe skin, you must purchase 100 diamonds. Identically, you will receive the Galaxy Hyperbook after topping off your account with 300 diamonds. But hold on, acquiring Hyperbook does not guarantee you will receive all of the benefits discussed earlier. You have instead unlocked the Galaxy Hyperbook by purchasing an upgrade of 300 gems. Congratulations!

Galaxy Hyperbook top up

You must purchase the Galaxy Hyperbook to acquire the things below it. After you have unlocked the Galaxy Hyperbook, the next stage in gaining everything is to utilize tokens from the Hyperbook to open the individual rewards one at a time. The Galaxy Hyperbook is the first step in getting everything.

The following is an exhaustive list of information regarding the currently popular topic: In the free fire, what exactly is a Hyperbook? An update on the Galaxy Hyperbook competition.

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