How to Randomize a Spotify Playlist

This is a short guide on how to randomize your Spotify playlist. This can be helpful for Summer of Code projects, playtesting games among friends or any other reason you might want to shuffle around the songs in your playlist.

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How to randomize a Spotify playlist order

  1. The second thing you can do is shuffle the songs within a playlist or album on Spotify, and you can randomly choose the order in which they are played.
  2. Using Spotify, you can activate shuffle by tapping the shuffle button that appears as two intertwined arrows that look like they are forming a circle.

Can I randomize my Spotify playlist?

  1. In Spotify, you can allow the shuffle feature to be enabled, so the order of songs in your playlists or albums will be randomized. You can turn on shuffle on Spotify by simply tapping on the shuffle button, which appears as two intertwined arrows in the upper right corner.

How do you randomize a playlist?

    1. Just create a new empty playlist.
    2. From your playlist, type in “shuffle music” and hit enter.
    3. You will then be able to hear it in its entirety.
    4. Go to your playlist and select track 1.
    5. The playlist will now display in a shuffled playlist if you select Play Queue (this will now go to the play queue)
    6. Select the tracks you want to populate the playlist and copy them back into your empty playlist.

Is shuffle random?

  • According to research, music players are not known to shuffle unbiasedly. I think that this is because it would feel less random if it were to do that. In a long-shuffled playlist, it would be quite likely that certain songs and artists would come next to one another – and the human brain will start seeing patterns in even the slightest coincidences.

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