How To Put Money On A Cash App Card Without A Bank Account.

A cash app is an easy way to pay people and get paid. Cash-out with a debit card, credit card, or bank account. Available for iOS and Android. Sign up here. In this post, How to put money on a cash app card without a bank account.

Two ways are available for this process.

  • The first way is the easiest.
  • The second way you can do if, for some reason, the first way doesn’t work for you.




    Step 1: Load money from my bank account or debit card into the cash app. You have two options, and you can transfer money from your bank account to the cash app (the fee is 1% of the amount you are moving) or use a debit card (no cost).  

   I first used my debit card because I was not sure if ‘transferring’ would work. It didn’t work. So, then I used my bank account to transfer money from my bank account to the cash app.

    Step 2: From the menu at the bottom of the screen, go to ‘send’

    Step 3: In the pop-up window, type in your cell phone number; make sure it’s your phone number, not someone else’s. (you will need your recipient to get the money) enter the amount you want to send, scroll down below, and click ‘next.’

    Step 4: under profile pick, who is this money for? Type in their name or phone number. The cash app won’t allow you to send money directly to someone’s bank account.

    Step 5: send the money; it takes a few hours for the recipient to get their cash app card in the mail. If you are shipping to an iPhone 6 or higher, they can get their money instantly. Enter your PIN and click ‘send.’

    Step 6: on the menu at the bottom of the screen, click ‘cards.’ You should see your cash app card. Click on it, and you will see that there is $5 on your cash app card (your balance).

    Step 7: go to an ATM or use the money sense method to find locations that will allow you to put money on your cash app card at the ATM. Most, if not all, places do this for free…

    …I walked into 7-11, and the cashier asked me what I wanted to do; option 1 was ‘load my cash app’ or 2 ‘use my cash card.’ I picked ‘load my cash app.’

    Step 8: enter your PIN, click next. 

    -or- if it’s the first time you are using the ATM, you will be asked to enter your pin, click next

    Step 9: select how much money you want to put on your cash app card at the ATM, click ‘continue’

    Step 10: you see that $3.00 has been deducted from your cash app balance (smaller amount); press done once it’s complete (I had to do this two times). Your cash app card will now have $10.00 on it. That is all there is to it, and now you can use your cash app card anywhere that accepts debit cards/Visa.

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