How to get the legendary FFWS outfit in Free Fire MAX

Three different types of things can be obtained with Free Fire: standard, premium, and legendary items. There is an equal amount of variety across the game’s assets, whether bundles, utility skins, or gun skins. Therefore, every person who plays the free fire game is concerned about the legendary object and continually adores having it. This is due to the asset’s top-notch animation and well-designed interface. Similarly, one of the mythical objects has been placed under an ongoing event, which is further elaborated on in the following sentence.legendary FFWS outfit

Friends, we want to wish you a warm welcome to today’s post, in which we will explain how you can acquire the iconic FFWS outfit in Free Fire MAX. Therefore, we will focus on this one for the day and discuss it. Therefore, let’s go forward to the point when we will have every detail necessary for the topic we are talking about.

Which is the New legendary bundle in the free fire?

Guys, it should be no surprise that Free Fire’s most recent bundle release, which was just made available, is a legendary bundle. There are two reasons for the placement of the bundle. The bundle is to be placed on the occasion of Booyah Day 2023, even though it was planned for the theme FFWS 2023. As a result, you may refer to this package as the Booyah Day bundle 2023.

Therefore, the package was first sold under the brand name Navy Starsea Bundle. Now that we have your attention, how can you acquire the renowned FFWS gear in Free Fire MAX?

How to get the legendary FFWS outfit in Free Fire MAX?

Friends, as you know, every item in Free Fire is placed under a particular event. Therefore, following the rules, the legendary bundle known as the Navy Starsea Bundle may also be found in the event known as the Faded wheel, which can be found in the Luck royale section. The steps that need to be taken by you to acquire the Navy Starsea Bundle are outlined in the following paragraphs.legendary FFWS outfit

  • Join the game by logging in.
  • Proceed to the Faded wheel.
  • Pick two things to take away from the list.
  • Start making spins
  • If your proportion of good luck is high, you will win the bundle in fewer than seven spins; else, you will have to complete a maximum of ten spins.
  • Once you have reached the maximum number of spins, you will acquire the bundle, and then you can either click “OK” or equip it for an instant lobby outfit.

Legend free fire

In conclusion, these are the procedures you need to take to acquire the Navy Starsea Bundle. You probably have some questions about the maximum number of diamonds necessary to purchase the new Navy Starsea Bundle right now. Therefore, in the following, we will discuss it.

Free fire Navy Starsea Bundle requires how many diamonds?

The Navy Starsea Bundle can be acquired through the free fire if you have a total of 1500 diamonds in your inventory. This is the maximum number of diamonds required.

free fire dimand

Final Words

Friends, in this post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on acquiring the iconic FFWS outfit in Free Fire MAX. We sincerely hope that everything is understandable to you. Peas, please show your support by forwarding this post to your friends, and keep in touch with us to ensure that you are the first to know about any new content published on our website.


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