How to get the all-new G36 skin: Bones of terror?

The best optimization is essential to achieving more stability in a gun. At the same time, it is being used in free fire, and this optimization can be discovered under the best gun skins used in a free fire. Although there are a lot of gun skins, there is a significant demand for a minimal number of products. It is a common idea that a gun skin makes a standard gun more stable during a match, and this is one belief that can be backed up by evidence. We’ve all learned from our own experience that an evolutionary gun’s accuracy is better than any other gun skin that can hurt an opponent’s head.

So, how a gun looks when it’s free firing can significantly affect how well it works. Those with decent skin can take advantage of all the benefits of weapons, while those who do not own any gun skin suffer from a lack of accuracy and other benefits associated with guns. However, we here offer an update on gun skin and an event inaccessible fire mode. What exactly is it, and how do you go about getting it? Learn the answer by reading this article.

The question for today is, “How can I obtain the brand-new G36 skin, Bones of Terror?” We will also discuss any safety measures that might need to be taken while doing the activity. Simply being here with us will keep you from any vitally crucial information.

How to obtain the all-new G36 skin: Bones of terror?

Friends, there is a brand-new event with many premium things in its possession. These things can be found in the Moco store during the event. Because of this, we will provide a list of the items below and instructions on acquiring the brand-new Bones of Terror skin for the G36, which is part of the same event.

Things beneath 

  • Grand Items
  • G 36 gun skin
  • Thompson gun skin
  • MP5 gun skin
  • Famous gun skin
  • MP40 gun skin
  • AK47 gun skin
  • Normal Items
  • Emotes
  • Name change card
  • Loot box skin
  • Backpack skin
  • Grenade skin

How can I get my hands on the brand new G36 skin known as “Bones of terror”?

First and foremost, familiarize yourself with the guidelines of the Moco Store to acquire the items.

Participants may choose one item from the big prize and one from the usual reward. After making their selections, the player’s two items will be placed in the prize pool with the other four items. You can win a maximum of 800 diamonds if you collect all the things that were placed in the spin, which had six different entities.

Important Steps

  • Join the game by logging in.
  • Proceed to the Luck Royale sector, and then make your way to the Moco store.
  • Check the option labeled “Bones of horror” and then go on to choose any ordinary gift. This will earn you G36.
  • Now start making rotations.
  • You will need at most 800 gems to purchase all of the available products.
  • After completing the most expensive spin, which costs 499 diamonds, you can obtain G36: Bones of fear.

Final Words

Friends, I wanted to let you know that I have published a piece titled “How to get the brand-new G36 skin: Bones of terror?” We sincerely hope that all of the details have been explained to you. Please keep us updated with any new information concerning Free Fire and Free Fire Max.


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