Hotstar MOD APK v14.10.0 (Premium Unlocked) Download 2023


App Name Hotstar
Novi Digital
Size 20MB
Latest Version 14.9.9
MOD Info Premium/VIP/Disney+



The most recent version of Hotstar MOD APK is available for download here. On Hotstar, you can skip all of the advertisements while watching premium videos. This app is completely unlocked, and using it will grant you access to Disney Plus as well as Premium and VIP. Download the Hotstar Premium MOD APK right this second. There’s no time to waste.

Everyone enjoys sitting down to watch movies and shows. Either men enjoy watching movies or playing video games in their spare time. Men rarely read. If you are someone who enjoys playing games, you can select the games you want to download from this page. However, if you are someone who enjoys viewing movies and web series, then you should read this post.

The first thing that comes to mind is Hotstar Premium APK whenever the topic of movies and web series is brought up. Because if you utilize Hotstar, you can view any paid video for free without having to pay anything.

A large number of people believe that staying at home and viewing movies is a more enjoyable kind of entertainment than going to a movie theatre. If you are also one of them, consider yourself extremely fortunate since you will not only save time but also save money as a result of this. Hotstar is a blessing for those that share similar interests. As a result, we are pleased to present you with the Hotstar Premium Unlocked MOD APK.

This post will provide you with a link that will take you directly to the app’s download page. Also, in this piece, we will explain how to download Hotstar Premium and offer its features, as well as answer frequently asked questions. Therefore, read the entire post thoroughly and make sure you don’t miss even a single detail before downloading Hotstar Mod APK For Free.

Hotstar MOD APK

You can download the Hotstar MOD APK, which functions analogously to the Amazon Prime Video MOD APK and the Netflix Premium APK. You can access everything on Hotstar for free, including popular television stations worldwide, endless movies, and web series. Star India initially launched a video streaming service operating under Hotstar in February 2015. Which is true regarding Novi Digital Entertainment’s ownership right now?

Hotstar is accessible in 17 languages English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati Etc. You may watch anything from movies to live cricket to television shows. Even though it is the most popular video-on-demand website in India, Hotstar is not restricted to being used in only that country. Its headquarters are located in Mumbai, India.

disnep hotstar

Hotstar is a video streaming service currently available in India, the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other countries. So you happen to be a resident of one of these countries. You won’t have any problems using the Hotstar Premium Mod APK. Because HotStar is so well-known worldwide, it currently has more than 350 million active members and continues to add new users by millions every day.


VIP and Premium are the two tiers of paid subscriptions available from HotStar. You may watch domestic events and sports items on one screen when you acquire a Disney + Hotstar VIP Subscription for a year for 399 INR. This subscription lets you view Indian Premier League cricket and other sporting events.

In light of this, the cost of Hotstar Premium in Canada is 12.99 Canadian dollars, while the cost of the service in the United States is $9.99, where you will be able to view premium films and television programs from around the world (including those from HBO, Showtime, and other networks).

Hotstar Premium APK

Entertainment is something that fascinates every single individual. However, not everyone has the financial means or the desire to engage in activities that please them. Putting away cash is not a profession in and of itself. Everyone is constantly looking for ways to save money. The name of the application that will keep you entertained without requiring you to spend any money is Hotstar Mod APK. You can watch any Premium Video for free without being interrupted by advertisements when you use the Hotstar VIP MOD APK. After the success of the original Hotstar software, the Hotstar MOD Premium APK was developed. Because it was modified, this version is referred to as the MOD version.

Hotstar Premium APK

You can access international shows with the Hotstar premium APK if you have a premium subscription. You can watch any show episode, even if it is unavailable in the accessible version of Hotstar when you use this Hotstar Premium Hack APK. There are two different approaches to using Hotstar Premium without paying for it. The first option is to use this Hotstar APK, which has all premium features activated, and the second option is to use the free Hotstar Premium account that we are providing. So, this whole thing is about the app and nothing else. Following this, you will also get a description of the Hotstar Premium Features and instructions on downloading them. Additionally, you may watch the Live IPL on Hotstar.

Features of the Hotstar MOD APK 2023

The Video on Demand video streaming service Hotstar provides is the most popular in India and other nations. You can browse and download videos without being interrupted by advertisements if you purchase Premium and VIP Access to this app. This feature is sure to impress you.

VPN Services concealed

The old version of Hotstar MOD has been the subject of numerous complaints from users, the most common being that it displays a blank screen while the video is being watched. The most recent version addresses this issue and provides a patch for it. Your next step is to have the Hotstar Premium Free APK downloaded onto your devices.

No AdS

When people watch their favorite movie, there is a lot of frustration when commercials start playing. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but I feel a great deal of anger as a human being. Downloading the Hotstar Premium Disney + APK allows me to view movies whenever possible. Because it does not have any advertisements, I can watch movies without having to endure any advertisements, and it is all completely free. Even the Banner was taken out of the Hotstar Mod APK application.

Hotstar Freebie

What characteristics are necessary for the ideal streaming service? It’s all about the video quality and how the content is delivered. You can see the most recent episodes of both Indian and American television shows in excellent quality if you subscribe to Hotstar’s specials. In addition, you’ll be able to watch these shows on Hotstar mod within a minute of their first release.

If you have a packed agenda but don’t want to miss your favorite television show, you can either set the alarm or download it to your computer to view when you have more time.

Black Screen Removed

The old version of Hotstar MOD has been the subject of numerous complaints from users, the most common being that it displays a blank screen while the video is being watched. The most recent version addresses this issue and provides a patch for it. Your next step is to have the Hotstar Premium Free APK downloaded onto your Android phone as soon as possible.

VIP Unlocked

Through this Hotstar Disney + mod APK, you will be granted full VIP and premium access, allowing you to watch everything available on Hotstar. You may watch the most recent episodes of Indian television shows in addition to the most recent episodes of American television shows, Hollywood movies, and live sports events when you subscribe to Disney+ Hotstar Premium.

Live Contents

Before you found Hotstar, you probably downloaded many other MOD and premium app versions, but none of them would have given you access to the sports feature. When it comes to sports coverage, no one can compare it to Hotstar. Because of this, in addition to Live Cricket, you also get access to various sports channels, such as Premier League, Kabaddi, and Formula 1.

No Login Needed

What is the funniest part of this version? In case you were unaware, I’ll let you know now that this software does not require you to provide any login information. The installation of the app is all that is necessary for you to view the content you desire; all you have to do is download it. You won’t even have the opportunity to log in when you use it.

All licenses terminated

You are no longer required to provide permission to use Hotstar MOD APK. Additional guidelines or capabilities are always included when a new version is released. You can use the app in this version, but you do not have to grant any permissions to do so because it is an option. This will not put your data at risk of being leaked in any way.

Get Videos

You can watch videos anywhere, even when you do not have an internet connection when you have Hotstar Premium because the video downloading capability is included in the Hotstar Premium MOD APK. If you are going to be traveling, make sure you download all of your favorite movies before you leave so that you may continue to enjoy yourself regardless of whether or not the internet is accessible at your destination.

Quick search

A feature just added to Hotstar tells you where your desired destination is and how to get there in the best way possible. Within the Hotstar APK app, you can look for the content you like to watch most without spending a single second of your time.

Enjoy FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA receives sponsorship from a different corporation yearly, most recently from VIVO. Similarly, TATA is playing host to the Indian Premier League this season. On Hotstar, you can watch the live broadcast of the TATA FIFA 2022. It is generally agreed that Disney + Hotstar is the most incredible platform to watch FIFA. In addition, you will be able to watch all of the FIFA matches for free on ThopTV. On Hotstar, you can also view a list of the Top Payers of all Teams and footage from their respective tournaments.

Enjoy FIFA World Cup 2022


It is a streaming application built in India and focuses on Indian-produced content. As a result, you will be able to test out programs in a total of eight other languages, including Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, and Kannada, in addition to English. You can make the necessary adjustments in the settings.

How to Download Hotstar APK?

Now, in this day and age of technology, everyone is familiar with installing applications on an Android device. Nevertheless, I am composing this comprehensive guide step by step so that if someone downloads the application from Thinkers for the first time, this guide will assist him.

  1. To begin, select the file to download by clicking the option labeled “Go To Download Page.” After that, you will be taken to the page where you may download the Hotstar mod.
  2. Click the “Start Download” button to obtain the mod.apk file for Hotstar, which you will need now. Your application package (APK) will initiate the download in a moment.
  3. Open Quick Access Manager and navigate to the Hotstar APK.
  4. When you use the file manager to install a program for the first time, it will ask if you have the correct permissions. Click back after you have granted that permission.
  5. In unusual circumstances, he will inquire. You can continue installing the APK in the usual way if you have yet to see any earnings of this kind.
  6. Once more, select the Hotstar APK option. This time, there shouldn’t be any problems during the installation.
  7. Now, launch the app, and make the most of your leisure time with Hotstar.
  8. To view Indian content, you must use a virtual private network (VPN) based in India. I recommend that you sign up for ExpressVPN.

Final Words

There is an enormous amount of content accessible through the Hotstar platform, but it is only accessible to their premium users. As a result, to be of assistance to you all and to give you a free subscription to this incredibly pricey service, we are here today with a modified version of the Hotstar app known as the Hotstar MOD APK. Because the premium subscription to Hotstar is already tied to this application, you will not be required to pay additional fees to watch any of Hotstar’s premium shows. In addition, this application can function without issue in any Android device running Android 4.4 or later, regardless of whether the device has been rooted. Download the Hotstar Premium MOD APK right now to watch all of your preferred shows without incurring any additional costs.


How can I watch the Hotstar app without ads?

Adblock for Hotstar If you want to watch Hotstar without interruption from advertisements, download and install the Hotstar Adblocker plugin. Yes, you may manage your favorite movies and TV shows on Hotstar without commercial interruptions. Now the addon also bans advertisements on various platforms, such as Hotstar and Youtube.

Is there no advertising on Hotstar VIP?

Those who have registered for the Premium membership will not be shown any advertisements except for those that accompany LIVE content, which includes live sports and shows, as well as some other non-fictional content. When users subscribe to our service, they are provided with information regarding the advantages of our various subscription plans.

Which nation offers free access to Hotstar?

In addition, there is a unique coupon for a discount and a guarantee that you can get your money back within 30 days. You can, on the other hand, give the free edition of Hotstar streaming anyplace a try. The free version gives users access to four nations (Germany, the US, Netherlands, and France).

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