How to build your own homemade mini militia game

This article is about how to make your own homemade mini militia game. You will need some basic materials and supplies to get started. Once you have everything prepared, follow the instructions below to put everything together and start playing!

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What You’ll Need:

  • -A computer or laptop with internet access
  • -An Android phone or tablet
  • -A copy of the Mini Militia game (you can download it for free here).
  • -A printer
  • -Cardboard
  • -Masking tape or clear tape
  • -Scissors
  • Instructions:

1. Print out the mini militia game template onto cardboard. You can find the template here. Cut out all of the pieces.

2. Tape the parts together to form the game board. Ensure all the advantages are locked, so the game board is sturdy.

3. Place the game board on a flat character. Place your Android phone or tablet in the center of the game board.

4. Turn on the Mini Militia game. The game will start automatically.

5. Follow the in-game education to play the game. 


You can make your own homemade mini militia game by following the steps above. With some action and inventiveness, you can have hours of fun playing this widely popular game right in your own home! 


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