How Do you Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire Today

I was playing the game free fire when I came to realize something. If you are not at level 3 or above,
it is tough to get Free diamonds without paying real money for them. But if you are, it’s straightforward! So here is how…
1) First, open up the game on your device of choice- iPhone, android etc.
2) Kill some enemies and try to headshots if you can- the more, the better.
3) Now, when you check your inventory (while inside a gunfight), you will notice that diamonds are coming in!
4) However, the XP continues to rise, so it is an endless cycle.
5) keep on repeating this, and you will be rich in diamonds without having to pay a single penny!
6) You may lose some diamonds along the way, but for every ten diamond crates that you open up, you’ll get about 975-1100 diamonds back. For higher levels (8 and above), try killing more people as the XP gained is higher.


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