How to Collect Unlimited Rank Token In Free Fire In 2023?

The following is a step-by-step guide of getting free fire rank tokens, which is required for buying all but 3 Fire upgrade paths.

1. First, you’re going to need the achievement sheet addon. Install it and log in if you haven’t already done so. Your browser may have an addon or extension that blocks add-ons from running. To get your free tokens, you’ll need this addon to work, so you’ll either have to disable the blocker or delete it (temporarily) if you can’t make it work.
2. Clear all your completed missions; they won’t count towards the weekly token allotment anymore, even if you did them before the change.
3. Make sure you have completed all of the required missions for your codex (if applicable) but don’t claim it yet.
4. Do the usual weekly mission for claiming codices and claim it; start this new one immediately after that, so you don’t lose time. You should now have four tasks available to you, the weekly codex mission you just started and three more that are prerequisites for your codex.

  • 5. Clear all of these missions in one go, then lastly, do your weekly assignment. Make sure to complete this within 24 hours, or it will reset!
    6. Claim you’re free to fire rank token in-game ASAP!!! They have been known not to be rewarded for up to a day after finishing the mission.
    7. Optional: if you have been putting off upgrading your free weapon or class power, now is a good time to do it since you’ll have enough tokens!
    8. Optional: log in next week and start your new weekly mission immediately, so you don’t lose any time.
    9. Repeat the process! It’s THAT simple! You can even do it without logging in between if you prefer, but remember to check the mission every week for changes. I believe they are planning on changing it soon where. To get your free token, you will have to complete all three starter missions in one go instead of getting a new one each week.
    10. Optional: you can also do this with other classes’ weekly missions, but be warned that they may not have the same amount of tasks as the first three paths. You will want to make sure you’ve got another class at rank three before you go doing this!
    11. Optional: If you’ve completed the free fire rank token and have some missions left that you don’t want to do, let them expire. This way, you only need to do three starter missions (unless they change it back) instead of tons for each class!
    12. Optional: if you’re not doing the weekly mission for your free weapon/power, take this time to work on the first three upgrade paths. They’re all relatively easy once you know what to do, so it shouldn’t take long.
    13. Optional: Get your subclass up another rank! You can now buy everything but the last upgrade path for each subclass by using tokens alone!
    14. Optional: When you’ve got tons of tokens left over, use them on the other weapons you haven’t yet upgraded.
    15. Optional: When all of your characters are fully upgraded, make new ones! You can also pick up some more achievements while you’re at it if any interest you!
    The last optional step is probably the best one, in my opinion, because it will allow for a much more flexible game in the long run. It’s also the option I chose myself. You can level up to 30 in…
    1 hour with an appropriate group (depending on your gear & subclass – be prepared!)
    2-3 hours by yourself (easier, but you’ll be slow at it)
    6 hours or so if you want to take it slow and tell stories (or watch a movie or something)
    If you’re dedicated, you can make fully decked out level 30 characters in half to a full day. I may be slightly biased due to my profession as a software developer, but I can get the whole process done in about 4 hours if I want to go at it full speed.
    The other way to do it is, naturally, by buying tokens with real money. The lowest amount you can buy for 100 points (100 points = $1). The least you could buy for this will be 33 tokens if they’re on sale or if you want to spend a little more. The best deal would be 76 tokens. This comes out to a total of $1 for 76 tickets or a quarter per token.
    If you spend two days doing this every week and with the ability to get up to four tokens (meaning you could get your 4th free weapon upgrade in one day), you should be able to get your characters maxed out each week! That’s around $5.75 per week, less if you buy more significant amounts of tokens or call them on sale.
    If you spend one full day maxing out your characters every two weeks, this would cost $6.50 per token – so about half price! If you play high enough to get the nightfall strike five times a week for an entire month (in which you’ll probably be getting at least one free token), this is only $3.75 per token!
    After doing some research about free fire rank token on the best way to go about this, I wrote this guide, so I may have made some mistakes or overlooked some better options than what I’ve done. If you know of a better way to do things, leave a comment, and I’ll be sure to check it out!

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