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A few months ago I saw a post of a free fire Pakistan server-new update on one website; the link was from another website from where you can download it. I am here going to give all information about that app that everyone is searching for. So let’s start.

Just Stay Tuned With us and Follow the Simple Steps Further.

Note: First of all, install an app player on your mobile.

After downloading an app player, please open it and search for the link below to download the free fire Pakistan server Apk file.

How Do I Change My Free Fire Server To Mena?

Search Result- #Paraa website

You will reach a link from where you have to click on the blue button as shown in the image. Now, wait for a few seconds till the complete download.

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 Download App Player

App player downloads free fire Pakistan server apk file of free fire How to install Paraa download app player Pakistan server version in android mobile free fire app player download the free fire-new update.

 Download App Player

Android. Giveaway of the day/para free fire-server or ‎truecaller mod apk

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Installation Process

After completing the download, now install that apk file on your mobile and enjoy the free Pakistan server version. Suppose you are facing any errors. Comment below or message us on Facebook. We will reply as soon as possible.

How to Free Fire Pakistan Server Registration

A common request is to release the registration for a Fireteam Pakistan server.

The steps required are straightforward and can be done by anyone with administrator access to the server.

How to Free Fire Pakistan Server Registration


1. Open the file called “registration” in notepad++ or any other text editor. It will contain only one line containing the registration code.

2. Replace that line with this line containing your registration code or remove it completely

The new file will not work until you upload it to the exact location with the same name, overwriting what is there. The server needs to know where to find the registration file to reload it when necessary, so you still need to do step 1 above on the new file. The rest of the steps are only done once at the time of uploading.

Steps For Upload:

1. Create a zip or RAR archive containing your modified registration file limited to not having anything except that one file.

2. Submit an image hosting link to this google form

3. Once uploaded, the server will automatically re-register your code in about 6 hours. This is only done when the file is present on the server with correct permissions (so make sure you do step 1 above before releasing it).

4. That’s all! You will receive links to download the game via email once registration is complete.

Note: Due to the large number of invalid registration codes submitted, all requests are manually reviewed before registration is granted. If you believe your code was incorrectly denied, don’t hesitate to contact us via email about it (

If you attempt re-registering with another key that has already been registered, your key will be automatically denied.

Free Fire Pakistan Server Redeem Code

Free Fire Pakistan Server Redeem Code

     Free Fire New Rewards Pakistan

  • ARDPSPL95LB – Redeem Code For A Mystery Bag.
  • GYXKT8UFBBSF – Use this code to get the Phantom Bear Bundle.
  • M5WTW5VK5EA – Redeem code for egg hunter loot box.
  •      Free Fire New Rewards Pakistan
  • 4M2ZVXNLJTHP – Dreki Pet Free Fire code.
  • PQTBM5LJDRK – Redeem Code For K Character.
  • BVCZQT4UPLM – Star’s General Backpack Redeem Code.

Note– The original developer does not manage this app, so don’t worry about its virus because it’s 100% safe.

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