How to practice the latest Dynamic Duo feature 2023 in free fire 2?

To improve free fire Hack 2 previously striking community structure features, Garena newly exposed the Dynamic Duo feature 2023 in the competition besides the OB 27 update on the 14th of February. Powerful Couple in Free Fire 2 enables players to make a unique in-game connection with an in-game most loyal companion. This recently joined feature rewards the combination with bonus in-game things after performing tasks together. The following actions will support players build a unique in-game relationship with a gaming most loyal friend in the Dynamic Duo story.


Some Essential Steps 

free fire 2

Step  No one about free fire

Purchase of an Individual ‘Golden Vow’ of the ‘ FF Game Store‘ requires a whole of 100 Diamonds.

Purchase Individual 'Golden Vow'

Step No two about free fire 2

Visit this ‘Supporters Section’ and must Click on ‘Dynamic Duo.

Step NO three about free fire two

Tick this plus symbol in the more profound top corner. One file will look, and players can take one companion to build their Dynamic Duo combination. The aforementioned will debit one part of the Golden Vow. One player’s spouse will have eight hours to take or decline the invitation to form the Dynamic Duo.’ Nevertheless, if a selection is not performed, the project to match up orders fell automatically.

The Golden Vow order is returned to the proposing player. Professionals cannot remove set Dynamic Duo bonds in the initial 24 hours. But, professionals who want to achieve a connection may appear so by traveling to the Dynamic Duo tab and asking to cancel the bond.

If anyone cannot manage to buy 100 diamonds, the Golden Vow will be a player’s support continuously on February 14th Because Free Fire2 transfers out one Golden Vow for free to professionals who log in to the match on that day. Way as mentioned earlier, players can enter the recently launched Dynamic Duo feature for free2.


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