Download Fire Strike – Gun Shooter FPS Online Apk Game [ Mod Version 2022 ]

Fire Strike – Gun Shooter FPS; The gameplay is quick and action-packed, with five players per team playing 5v5 matches for 5-7 minutes, changing weapons and equipment, arranging shooters, using tactical grenades, and trying not to die. The very purpose of learning all the maps in the game is to become your weapons in this world engulfed in protests and confrontations between organizations.

Game NameFire Strike
UpdatedFebruary 14, 2022
Current Version
Requires Android
5.0 and up
Offered By
Edkon Games GmbH

Installing a Web Server

Follow these steps to install the steps:

To remove Fire Strike – Gun Shooter FPS original version, please uninstall Fire Strike – Gun Shooter FPS original version first.

You can download Fire Strike – Gun Shooter FPS Mod APK on our website once you have completed the installation.

As soon as you have completed the download, you will have to locate and install the apk file.

To install applications outside of Google’s Play Store, you will have to enable “Unknown sources.”

After opening the Fire Strike – Gun Shooter FPS Mod APK, you can play the game to your heart’s content.

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The best way to win is to play, not pay to win.

By taking part in epic PvP battles and becoming part of a great squad of heroes. Playing the game will help you acquire all of the items in the shooting game that affect gameplay. I highly recommend you to grab some weapons, gear, and grenades and go bang bang bang!

In this FPS game, the players will be taking on players worldwide who are playing gun games.

Conduct military operations in Japan, the United States, Chernobyl, and many other virtual war zones. Engage in friendly action team battles, plant or defuse bombs, or do both simultaneously. You can find new weapons, soldiers, and armor, study new tactics, and add minor enhancements to your guns.

Top 20 NEW FPS Games of 2021

[5 minutes, ten players, fast matches, and best survival tactics]

Easy, fast gameplay with no complicated controls

Controls: Just two fingers are used to manipulate the game

Either via the Autolock and AutoFire functions or a hand-held controller

 Tactical Survival Gear & Gadgets

Controller, this game offers beautiful graphics and effects

and is optimized to operate at the highest level

[Clash squad with Friends up to 5 people or 10 players FFA]

It is not just you who will aspire to be the apex of the FPS games ranking list, but you and your friends can also work together in a squad of 5 to do the same. There is a custom mode available for multiplayer games between 10 players.


[4 game modes already available, 4 in development]

  1. Team Battle, Battle Royal, Team-Up, Battle Royal Express
  2. Free for all manner (where you need to survive a deathmatch)
  3. You can also play the defuse mode in bomb mode (defuse the bombs)
  4. The game also has an arms race mode (gun game).

Weapons and equipment of many types, flexible specialist settings

Make your choice if you want to be a fast SMG assassin, a Sniper supporting you, or a Tank machine gunner. With one of the most dynamic shooting games ever created, you can take on any character you like.

Easy Way To Complete Smg Mastery

Featuring convenient ratings and 15 leagues

To choose from, which one would you like to play in? In the Fire Titans league, you will participate in ranked matches as if you are a legend. Play with a squad or on your own; you can join in different shooter games as you progress through the rating.

We will continue to update you regularly.

It is expected that Fire Strike Online will include new features in the future, such as capture, combat arena, and 2v2 tournaments. Then there will also be new maps on CAMPO SACRO, SLUMS RAID, etc.

 Fire Strike Online - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 - FN P90(iOS, Android

There is a lot of shooting content in this update, including skins, characters, weapons, and attachments.

Make sure you pay attention!

Fire Strike Online Shooter is nothing more than a free-to-play and free-to-download game, but you do have the option of purchasing in-game items for real money.

Detailed information on the mod

Cheat function: No gravity // remove gravity after completion of the game Cheat function: No advertisement after completion of the game Jump height X20 // increase jump height after you have completed the game Speed X5 // increase the speed of motion. Set up the FOVX120 and the custom FOV 5 according to your preferences. Increase the aiming assist level by increasing the X30 by 6. Increase the aiming assist level by increasing the X30 by 6. Eliminate the rebound by reducing the X30 by 6.X30 by 6. Eliminate the spread by reducing the weapon spread by 9. There will be no explosion, and the FlashBang special effects will also be removed. In addition, there will be no enemy shooting on the part of the AI. For this reason, the Red Cross Quasi Line / / Will appears when the enemy turns red and becomes a red [Tips] Game networking. Please be mindful when downloading this game!

Fire Strike Online – Free Shooter FPS, install, and get started.

Faqs About Fire Strike – Gun Shooter FPS

What is a fire strike?

This benchmark is designed for modern gaming PCs and showcases DirectX 11 capabilities. There are no other DirectX 11 benchmarks and games on the market that provide such exaggerated levels of detail and complexity as this one does. With Fire Strike, you will be able to perform two graphics tests and physics tests and a combined test that stresses both the CPU and the GPU.

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Is Firestrike free?
In addition to the free Time Spy update available for all Windows editions of 3DMark, including the free demo on Steam, you can also download the free update for the 3DMark Basic Edition. Several tests, including Time Spy and Fire Strike, allow you to benchmark the performance of your PC.

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How long is the 3DMark fire strike?

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Is it illegal to strike? If so, why is that?

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An example of a strike by workers

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