How to Equip Guns in Free Free Mobile lobby

In the heat of a firefight, players can get lost trying to find out How to Equip Guns in the Free Free mobile lobby. There are some simple steps that every player should do when they have just respawned or died and need to pull out a weapon quickly. All actions in ‘Free Fire’ require only two buttons: A – for constant movement and X – for use (when aimed).

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To equip a gun:

1. Open the quick access menu by holding down on the directional pad of your device; this will bring up three options – free fire, shop, and inventory—select inventory with your finger or use your second screen if you have it open.

2. Once in the inventory screen, select the gun you wish to equip with your finger and hold down on it until a bar appears.

3. Drag the bar up to the word ‘equip’ and release your finger or second screen.

4. The gun will now be equipped in your hands or holstered, depending on which slot or equipment type you have selected.

Equip Gun In Lobby In Free Fire

If you want to change the equipment type for this gun, look at the gun and hold down on it again. Instead of dragging the bar up to ‘equip,’ drag it up to ‘change.’ You will then be able to equip your gun in any slot or equipment type your character can wear. 

How To Equip Gun In Lobby In Free Fire

I have this problem too! I figured out how to equip a gun in the lobby in the free-fire, but when I try to shoot, nothing happens, so please help me.

1: U should open the door and go out (Tap on the door)

2: Then, you will see a weapon holder. Click on it and choose your favourite weapon (M9 or Shotgun), then tap on Equip Gun and hold it until your avatar gets that gun, then release your hand

3: Then, you will see a bar on the top right side of your screen. Click on it and hold it until it reaches 100%

4: After doing this, you will have full ammo without reloading

5: Then your weapon is already equipped, so all you have to do is shoot.

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