Empire: Four Kingdoms 4.42.9 APK + Mod (Unlimited money) for Android


Four Kingdoms MOD APK 

app nameFour Kingdoms MOD APK
Version: 4.42.9
Size: 73.16 MB
Android version: 4.4 and up
Price: Free
Developer: modapkclub.com



In this game, you take on the role of a king or queen whose objective is to establish an empire through resource collection, construction, raising armies, and combat. The game has a distinct vibe because it is set in the Middle Ages. Because of its excellent design, the game is simple to play and comprehend. It has a compelling plot that keeps you interested in the game, and you can quickly lose yourself for hours. Empire: Four Kingdoms

About Empire: Four Kingdoms MOD APK

In the strategy game Empire: Four Kingdoms, you must construct a castle, train an army, and engage in combat with other players. Being crowned king of the kingdom is the game’s primary objective. You must build your castle, raise an army, and engage in combat with other players. You can use the game’s outstanding, intricate graphics to aid in planning. You can play the fully featured game for free or purchase more goods with real money.

Four Kingdoms

Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows all support the game. This game can be played offline or online by participants. The game’s stunning and meticulous graphics will aid you in developing a plan. Four Kingdoms MOD APK


With over 5 million installs, the game is among the most popular in the Google Play Store. In this fantasy-themed game, you must create and grow your kingdom to the greatest extent imaginable. With the use of the materials present in your domains, such as gold coins and gems, this is possible. Playing this game with others or forming alliances will give you access to these resources. You can begin building your kingdom after you have enough resources, which will help you win this conflict between humans and monsters or goblins who aim to exterminate all human life on Earth.

Expand Your Kingdom

By adding new structures and improving existing ones, you can grow your kingdom. Existing troops will be more effective if a new facility is built, while higher-tier troops can be hired if an existing building is upgraded. Build as many soldiers as you can since it’s vital to create new varieties of soldiers. By appointing new heroes and investing coins or gems in their skill advancement, you can also increase the size of your kingdom.

Four Kingdoms Features:

Master your strategy

You’ll be able to win the game using this tactic. If you correctly master the technique, you can obtain extra energy, gold coins, and resources. Players can level up their characters by accumulating experience points through the system. The menu of the game allows access to many of its features. These include your barracks, where you can hire fresh soldiers, and the store, where you can purchase goods and improvements. You can also enter your kingdom, which also contains the castle and academy.

Build Your Empire

You can develop your empire and establish a kingdom. It would help if you constructed a hamlet, an outpost, and ultimately a city. After that, you can upgrade your town’s structures, including the barracks, markets, and resource hubs. These barracks also let you hire soldiers to fight off creatures or other people. When you’re prepared to go further, you can construct a fortress or upgrade your castle with more defense towers to help defend it from attacks from other players or monsters. Empire: Four Kingdoms

Unlimited gold coins and resources.

You may play the excellent strategy game Empire:: Four Kingdoms on your smartphone or tablet. In this game, you’ll have to use the troops and resources to build a powerful kingdom. It would be beneficial if you also considered how to eradicate your kingdom’s adversaries to prevent future attacks. Additionally, it is possible to get resources and gold coins in-game without spending money on them. You will be able to improve your troops and buildings much more quickly than previously, thanks to this method of obtaining limitless gold coins and resources. Use a god mod or health boost if necessary to ensure no foe can overcome you! Four Kingdoms MOD APK

You can upgrade all troops and buildings.

All troops and structures can be upgraded with gems. Additionally, you can enhance them for rubies or gold money. You will receive many resources when you triumph in battle or finish a quest! The gems or rubies can also be used to enhance troops and buildings. When you win fights or complete a search, you will receive many resources!Empire: Four Kingdoms

God mod and health

One of the most critical aspects of the game is this. You’ll be able to play the game longer if you utilize the God Model. This ability allows you to destroy your adversaries without thinking about their health or other factors. Empire: Four Kingdoms

Lead your kingdom to victory

Building, expanding, and defending your empire are the goals of empire: The: The Four Kingdoms. You can compete with gamers from all over the world, conquer the globe, or ascend to the position of king or queen in your empire by fighting and winning! Try them all since there are many different ways to play this game, and they’re all exciting! If that’s what you want to be, you can be a king, queen, or monarch, but we don’t advise it because, in our opinion, being a dictator is more enjoyable. Four Kingdoms MOD APK

Unlimited Rubies

Empire Four Kingdoms has a lot of activities available, as you may already be aware if you’ve been playing. You can erect new structures, educate your soldiers, and improve them. What if, though, something is still lacking from all of this? What happens if you need more to advance in the game? Unlimited rubies come into play in this situation, though. Players can get limitless rubies for nothing by downloading Empire: Four Kingdoms modifications. They have unlimited resources. Thus, they can easily spend money to upgrade their structures and troops (rubies). Additionally, the app’s single ad banner in modified versions of the app slightly detracts from gameplay. Four Kingdoms MOD APK 



Empire: Four Kingdoms has great potential. It has all the ingredients to be a hit, and if it isn’t, something is wrong with the world. It would be worthwhile to check it out immediately if you enjoy strategy games because this one might surprise everyone!


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