How to get a discount on December elite pass?

To all of our readers: We are interested in hearing your thoughts when you know that you will be eligible for a price reduction. When we ask how you’ll react when you get a deal under free fire, how much more delighted will you be? Well, how excited will you be? We can guarantee that the most eagerly anticipated moment has finally arrived. Similarly, we are pleased to share some good news with everyone. Therefore, ensure you read this content through to the end, and we guarantee that it will hold your interest up until the end. Let’s begin. December elite pass


Friends, since we have brought up the topic of the discount in the first paragraph, we presume that you are aware that we have done so, and you can rest assured that we will fulfill your request in the most satisfactory manner possible. Because of this, we have chosen to discuss a subject with you that our staff has just learned about today, and we literally can’t wait to talk about it with all of you. The topic that will be covered in today’s story is “How to Get a Discount on December Elite Pass?”

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How to get a discount on December elite pass?

We don’t need to explain the elite pass in the accessible fire mode to each of you. You need to be aware of it. An update has been released concerning the elite pass for this month, which you may also refer to as the November elite pass. Today, the 29th of November, the developers released the update they had been working on. As a result, we will discuss all of its facets and list every possible action related to the question, “How to get a discount on December elite pass?”


More Details About Get Elite Pass.

Please provide us with the very first specifics of the event, where all of the gamers will be offered a random percentage discount on the November elite pass. A web event is one that will provide you the opportunity to purchase an elite pass at a reduced price and will be the one that provides you with this opportunity. Yes, a web event has been added to our game, and it comes with the promise that players will be able to purchase the November elite pass at a discount of a specified percentage, the amount of which will be determined at random. The procedure is as follows.

Elite december pass

Important Steps

  • Join the game by logging in.
  • Click on the advertisement, which is the same as the one we have placed at the top.
  • You will eventually arrive at the user interface.
  • Now, you can spin the wheel by clicking on the spin button.
  • You will receive a discount of a percentage chosen at random after the wheel that displays discounts begin to rotate.
  • You are about to proceed to the next page now.
  • A wheel of fortune can be found in this location.
  • There would be a total of four things placed there.
  • Your initial spin will cost you nine diamonds, but the total number of diamonds you will need to complete the game will be determined based on the percentage of the total discount you have earned.
  • Following the same, you will require a particular quantity of diamonds.
  • Make one more turn, then raise a glass to success! Now is the time to activate the November elite pass.


Friends, as promised, here is a piece that explains all you need to know about how to save money on the November elite pass. We hoped you would have comprehended everything discussed, including each section and paragraph. Therefore, maintain your connection with us to avoid missing any information regarding the free fire and the free fire max.


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