Critical Strike MOD APK v11.82 (MOD Menu, Unlimited Money) [2023]

App NameCritical Strike CS
Latest Versionv11.831
Last Updated16 February 2023
Size603 MB





Critical Strike MOD APK is a full 3d first-person fighter. You can play other real people, build your own clan, choose from 250+ pelts with unique styles, participate in Arms Road Races, and much more! The finest combat simulator for Android is now available. Participate in an epic struggle to become the most dangerous player in Critical Strike.

With over 100 million gamers, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most famous games on Google! First gun action is amazing, and with matching innovation that guarantees you never lag during games, you can always find fresh rivals online. This app has all you’d expect from a typical FPS game: dive into an intense global PvP training and experience where you must demonstrate your natural strengths to live!

Critical Strike CS MOD APK with Unique Styles

About: Critical Strike CS MOD APK

Critical Strike CS APK immerses you in an online PvP war game where features aren’t the only choice. This movie lets you explore numerous settings while participating in a player rivalry! In this game, the player chooses their favorite bed and gets in a battle against their foes. With all of these options at your disposal, it will be simple to enjoy playing any mode that appeals to you. Furthermore, upgrades are always being introduced, so there will always be fresh stuff for you to study, keeping things exciting for everyone that plays Critical Strike CS APK on a daily basis!


This is one of the most powerful Android gameplay. It contains a lot of features and events that set it apart from other shooting games. The user experience is attractive and simple to use, which makes it more enjoyable to play with friends. If you’re seeking an online next-shooter game on Android, look no further! You may play Critical Strike CS APK as much as you like without having to pay anything or download any from our page. So don’t put it off any longer! Download this decent scoring game from our webpage right now and start playing with your pals!

3D First-Person Shooter in real-time

In this tournament, you will be able to use your tactics and strategies to defeat athletes from all over the planet. You can play in actuality with people from all over the world. There are several firearms accessible in this game, so you may select any weapon based on your preferences and playing style. You can also alter the game of Critical Strike CS MOD APK by customizing your weapons with individual systems or accessories. The main goal is to kill all foes while surviving or preventing others from killing you there till every round ends with a prize asserted as a survivor at the end of every game (usually 10 minutes).

3D First-Person Shooter in real-time

Fight against real players.

This must be the first day when a game has actual people and a genuine game, with collaboration and competitiveness, resulting in a new sort of FPS game that everyone can enjoy. It is simple to use and play, yet difficult to master! There are several maps and modes available, including classic mode, deathmatch mode, team mod apk mode, bomb educational mismatch mode, counterterrorist mode, and so on. There are many different types of weaponry to pick from, such as handguns, submachine guns (Pulse rifles), attack guns (AR), and so on.

Critical Strike CS MOD APK real players

Create your clan

You may form your clan and ask other people to join it using the Clan function. You also could join a group established by another player. You may speak with other people and clan members via chat. Game of War is a fantastic strategy game that you can run on your smartphone. It offers an intriguing plot, fantastic visuals, and a variety of gaming options. You can select anybody based on your interests and have fun playing the game. You had to be level 15 or higher to form a clan. Folks can then set up a clan and ask to join other games by using the Family tab in the league menu.

250+ Skins with Unique Styles

Below, the user can pick from 250plus 1 skins to distinct designs in this game. Each skin has its own configuration, allowing you to try the others on your CS Player with a single tap to modify the look of the player. Furthermore, there are other methods to obtain new skins, like leveling up, performing projects, and winning matches.

Critical Strike CS MOD APK with Unique Styles

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Arms Race Events

The Arms Race is a one-of-a-kind event in which all participants have to use the same gun. The style and awards are identical to Deathmatch, except players will have a time restriction and firearms. If you kill other players to win points in this game mode, you will receive different rewards. When you kill your opponents, their weapons fall to the ground and can be picked up by any other player. If you can retain your gun longer than the other players, you will have a higher chance of receiving more awards after each round.

Multiplayer PvP shooting experience

Visitors may interact with their friends, compete against other players, and form clans. There are around 250 skins with distinct styles and weaponry races. There is a player rating system that will assist you to understand your place in the game. You can collaborate with other teams to win additional wars.

Critical Strike CS MOD APK PvP shooting

Socialize with your friend

Build your clan and combat with other gamers. In Games of War, there are several sorts of factions, among which are the Order clan, the Chaos faction, and others. You can level up with other players in the same family or pick anybody based on your gameplay style. Players may participate in online battles or play against AI rivals in a variety of game styles, including 5v5 and capture the flag. The game has a significant player base and is well-known for its action-packed and demanding gameplay.


Deadly Strike CS APK is an app that enables players to socialize and have fun with their buddies. The visuals are stunning, and it’s simple to understand why this game is so beloved. It has been viewed over 100 billion times globally, making it one of the finest Android-free apps today. Look no further than Critical Strike CS APK if you’re seeking to need something new and interesting!



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