Call of Duty Mobile v1.6.35 MOD APK + OBB (ESP, AimBot, Mega Menu)

It is a fact that cannot be disputed. As soon as we are free, our phones become our best friends. People love to play games on their Android phones while they are free. It is no longer a novelty that people on small android devices love playing Call of Duty mod apk games. Playing Android games is fun for everyone, whether it’s a fighting game or an action video game. Ting game or an action video game.

It is our goal to bring our games to your devices, so you can play them wherever you are. Here is the link so you can play them wherever you are. Please visit the following address to find out where you can download this application for your Android phone. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us.

As one of the most played games among its fans, “call of duty mod apk (unlimited money and cp 2021)” is one of the most popular games out there. People are now looking forward to playing this game, even more, when they get a chance to play it on a high-end device that comes with advanced features, and it looks like they cannot wait to get their hands on it.

Taking full advantage of the powerful features that Xbox One and PS4 have with each passing day, Android-based phones have steadily caught up with them.


Now that Android phones have all these advantages, it is possible for users to play Call of Duty on their phones very easily and enjoy playing the game a lot. You don’t need to spend an excessive amount of money on your android to be able to play high-end games.

Whether you’re planning a vacation or playing a game of Call of Duty with your friends, you may have some questions about where to go. Playing Call Of Duty Mod Apk games for Android mobile phones or other smart gadgets on your android phone or tablet is one of Tokyo’s most exciting and enticing experiences.

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PS5 Games of 2022 [4K

Premium Features Call of Duty Mobile APK


With powerful and customizable controls, voice and text chat, and Hollywood-quality HD graphics and sound on your phone, you can play console-quality HD gaming on the go. You can now enjoy one of the most popular shooter games in the world on your phone for convenient on-the-go fun.


You are introducing the new Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® and Call of Duty®: Black Ops multiplayer maps, which are available for the very first time free of charge.

Top Call of Duty Multiplayer Maps

You can also team up with your friends to have a battle royale survival battle on the brand-new 100-player map. You will be able to meet millions of players worldwide who are playing simultaneously!


If you play CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE for mobile devices, you will be able to unlock and earn dozens of famous characters, weapons, outfits, scorestreaks, and other pieces of equipment that will be most useful for customizing your loadout. You can choose from various loadouts in Battle Royale and captivating PvP multiplayer modes such as Team Deathmatch, Frontline, Free For All, Search and Destroy, Domination, Hardpoint, and many more!


It is easy to win the most Clan prizes when you play with your friends and reach the top of the rank in competitive Ranked Mode if you use your skills and strategy. In this thrilling free-to-play multiplayer game, you can compete and fight against friends and foes from around the world.


Whether in gameplay, handling, control, or a loadout, CALL OF DUTY®: MOBILE offers depth and complexity in a constantly evolving experience.

Multiplayer competitions

Multiplayer mobile gaming at its finest. Call of Duty Mobile might be the best way to compete with people worldwide if you want to compete with players from around the world. Thousands of people play the game worldwide, and it is entirely free of charge to download.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer competitions

There is no cost associated with the basic version of the game, but you can buy additional features and battle passes if you so desire.

Faces we know and love

Many elements of this game will be familiar to you. Firstly, you’ll notice that there are familiar faces from the previous Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games – think about Captain Price and several of his friends. There are a few other everyday things, though. There is no doubt that Activision knows that many of its fans love classic maps from previous games like Nuketown, so the company has included many old-school maps.

Graphics on consoles

The graphics in Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK Unlimited Money No root are one of its most striking features. It was essential to Activision that the graphics of this game be on par with previous generations of consoles, so they have made sure that they are at par with them. That means that the graphics of the game are pretty much the same as they were during the end of the PS2 era and the start of the PS3 period back then. The quality of this game is surprisingly good for a mobile game, and showing just how far we’ve come in the last decade is impressive. 

Call of Duty Mod APK

There is an app called “Call of Duty MOD APK knew Khushi” that provides Android fighting, made up of words and items like weapons and gear. Using it is very simple. You can play this game by simply touching the touch screen on the device with your thumb. This allows you to enjoy the game without any difficulty. Various modes of games are included in this game, including the famous zombie mode and the multiplayer mode.

Many reasons can be attributed to the attraction of mobile games, but none is as compelling as the one that people find in Call of Duty: Mobile. I recalled that it was among the earliest games launched on the Google Play Store with a revenue model providing players with free apps for upgrading their games.
In becoming an in-app purchase model, they have slowly transformed from a small app development company to becoming one of the top companies for mobile gaming and boasting some of the most popular multiplayer titles available today on mobile devices.

I think this is the reason why it is gaining popularity, not just because of gameplay anymore, but also because of its unique app monetization scheme that is really far ahead of the rest of the competition.
Back in October 2015, the game was released for Android devices; however, it has become prevalent for gamers to use their smartphones as controllers and play online with other players to make gaming even more exciting.

Modapk is one of the most popular mods in Android. The goal of this game is to fight against your enemies. In addition to providing weapons, maps, and other tools to fight against the enemy, this is excellent news. Few games offer such a wide range of weapons, maps, and tools. This game is also available for download if you are interested in playing it on a mobile device.

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Here Are All the Features of Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk

You will be able to improve your gameplay style and performance in the game with Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK Unlimited Money’s latest version’s impressive features. A few of its key features are as follows:

Online Modes

You are able to play this multiplayer game with your friends and battle your way through waves of enemies. In addition to all the online modes available within this game, you can still play the mod if you prefer. The app performs like the original one, and the app does not crash as a result of this reason. 

To install this app, you will need the apk file and the OBB files. You will likely need to wait to join the server while battling in any mode, but once the connection is made, you will experience a flawless server experience and compelling gameplay.

Unlocked Characters Classes

It is worth noting that the mod version includes several characters that can be obtained from the Call of Duty game. In the standard version of the game, a specific character can only be unlocked after you have passed an appropriate number of stages.  

The process of discovering the true potential of this game may be time-consuming and require a lot of effort on the player’s part. You can find the max levels in each type of character, and they are all unlocked together at the same time. Using this application makes it easier to create a better team than ever before.

Anti-Ban Properties

In the case of the use of generator tools or mods, getting banned by the developers is quite common. But if you choose the safe one we offer you, you will feel safe using it because it is the safest one available. We also consider several other safety factors before releasing the final version of the mod. 

There is a possibility that it contains a security feature that prevents it from knowing any of your tweaks, and no one can report your account if you do use that. Using a proxy keeps you on the same server as developers while still being protected.


In order for you to take better decisions than the opponent, you should be able to take advantage of this auto-aim system. When the shoot button is pressed, the timing will be automatically targeted and the child will be pointing at the opponent. As a result, you need not take too many calls in order to kill your opponent with this, as you will end up killing him in a single shot.

You need to try out these modes while keeping the target in mind a little bit when you are doing so. By increasing killstreaks, you can unlock the better abilities of each character, and you can be more successful at killing. As you learn how to use the aimbot from the beginning, it will seem a bit daunting, but you will soon get used to it and will love it.

Unlimited COD Points

Upgrades require the use of COD points. As well as playing an important role in the advancement of the game, they are also providing weapons to the players. With our mod apk version, you can unlock better stuff, and you’ll get unlimited COD points to play with.

By using this method, you will be able to get a genuine amount of resources, and you will be able to easily progress in your game. It was also simple to obtain a real amount of points with this method, as it required the same points for each level-up.

No Root Required

If you want to install a modded version of a platform, you will usually have to root your smartphone in order to do so. The modded version of the game is not a problem since you can install it directly on the phone by downloading it. 

There is relatively little chance that the apk version will be available for the iOS version as of yet, as it is currently only available for the android version. It is necessary to have an obj file and an apk file when installing the application. Once that is done, the installation will proceed normally without the requirement of the root.

No Reload

There is a common problem that will occur in many survival action games. Precisely, the reload, allows the player to get rid of the opponent. As a result, we have added an automatic-reload feature to our system to resolve this problem.

Additionally, using a melee weapon and other types of guns gives you an advantage. If you use this method, you can easily defeat your opponent. With this no-recoil feature, it is easier to control the gun since there is no manual recoil operation. By using this method, you can kill more enemies effortlessly.

The latest version of Call of Duty Mobile Mod Apk Unlimited Money

You might feel intimidated if you haven’t been asked to participate in the open beta of a new game. In this article, you will find some tips that you can use to get your beak in gear and get ready to start fighting the good fight. In the history of entertainment, the Call of Duty series of games is only second to the Lord of the Rings series of games, and it is not difficult to see why. If you play the new version of the CALL OF DUTY mobile mod apk unlimited money mobile version, it is very likely that you will become addicted to it very quickly.

However, there is no reason for you to limit yourself to only playing Call of Duty beta versions. Several other video games have also released beta versions. We understand that those of you who have played beta versions of downloaded games might have a distinct advantage over those who have not tried them yet.

If you’re interested in trying COD: Mobile out, be sure to take advantage of the open beta currently being offered until the 25th of August on Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and leave your comments back below! The game seems promising.

One of the best devices you can buy right now is an Android phone, one of the best devices around. Anybody can use these networks in order to stay connected, they don’t even require a contract or a SIM card.
Apple mobiles are being replaced by these networks in only a few months. Consider, if you may, the fact that you can get access to 4G internet connections and data speeds that beat the iPhone’s ability to connect through 3G or 2G networks.

Some of the very best Android phones even have HD video recording capabilities and flicker-free screens as well as stereo sound speakers on top of all the other features, as mentioned earlier.
So they are the perfect choice for youngsters who do not mind watching movies or listening to music without worrying about being distracted by those around them.

Getting the most out of Call of Duty Mobile by following these tips

Activision Publishing, Inc. came up with a great fight game called Call of Duty, a fast-paced battle game where you have to kill your enemies to survive. The gameplay is similar to those of PUBG and other survival games, so those who’ve played PUBG and other survival games may remember some of the aspects of this game. Unlike other games that compete against each other, this game is more unique and quirky than its counterparts.

The game has a lot of challenging levels to overcome and be successful, and you need an effective strategy to get through them. If you cannot develop suitable tactics, it would not be easy to progress. 

Graphics settings for optimal performance

Tire performance is of great importance, and you can choose optimal settings if your smartphone has difficulties cutting through the graphical thing. As long as you lower your graphics performance and increase your overall speed, you would be able to deal with your opponent fairly easily. In addition to this, you can progress towards the goal of being able to kill enemies within seconds.

There is the possibility of dealing damage to the enemy in a matter of seconds, and you can go on to become the best player in the world by using it. You can choose the optical resolution as well as turn off HDR functionality by looking at the word settings options and then clicking on the resolution care feature. If you do this, you will get better performance from the server and you will be able to connect with it easily.

You can figure out enemies easily if you switch to the ultra HD mode and turn off the shadow mode as well. Assaulting them will be a simple matter, and if you use the photo from the modern version in the future, then it will be quite easy to kill the opponent.

Shooting Modes

Both shooting modes offered by game developers are reliable. The simple method that you can choose is one that automatically triggers the shooting button the moment your finger is placed on the trigger, so you will find that the game is very easy to use. For beginner players, this mode is good for them, and most of the gamers love it, but when it comes to advanced modes, most players feel hesitant because they do not know how to navigate through these games properly.

As an alternative, if you wish to become an advanced gamer, you have to spend quite a bit of time on the manual version in order to enhance your general skills. This mode allows you to fire on your own, but a very low chance of missing your opponent, as you will trigger the shoot button on your own. As you progress through these levels, you will improve your shooting skills. If you like this game, you should consider playing this rather than the simpler options.

Characters and Classes

In the game, different types of characters are available, each with its own unique purpose. There are different types of characters, each one with different abilities, and when you choose the best type, you have to be aware of what each one can do. Therefore, in the beginning, you can take a look at this character which has a lot more offense, because this mode allows you to play in a fun, and also interesting manner. The characters that you will see when you go through them, you will notice that each of them has its own class. Here is a brief description of each character:

As a scout 

Knowing how your opponent is going to counter you, as well as scouting them and being able to anticipate their next move, is a bit advantageous. The Scout class also offers two different benefits in the game. The first one is that they have the ability to easily see patterns on the ground, which gives them an edge in terms of killing enemies. The second boost is related to the sensor darts that can help you get information about players nearby, as it shows the players who are in close proximity to the sensor darts. A Scout is able to view them assisting in a number of ways to take advantage of the current situation. For example, the medic is able to heal themselves when no players are in the area.

How to Installs Call of Duty Mod APK

The application for this game can be downloaded easily from the application store. Although you cannot download it from the Play Store, you can find it in the App Store. As long as you don’t mind manual installation, you will be fine. There is a download link below for this game is game that you can use to download it. 

This article describes how to download and install this application on your device with the help of a step-by-step procedure. Here is a quick guide on how you can download the application on your device by following the instructions.

  • Clicking the link below will allow you to download the app. The application will begin downloading during the process of clicking the link.
  • Click on File and install the application after it has been downloaded.
  • You will have to go into the settings on your phone and scroll down to enable some settings in order to set up the caller ID. The location can be easily set up by allowing the app to access your phone’s location.

This game can be played on your Android device by opening the app once it has been installed. Once the app has been opened, you can begin playing.

Download Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK

The next thing we are going to tell you is how to download the Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK if you have read all the features of this post in a good way. Here, you can access the latest version of the game to download.

 As of today, Google Play Store’s version is 1.0.10. Today, Google Play Store has been downloaded more than 50,000,000 times. As a result, you will also be able to download them. As we have already explained above, once you click on this link, you will have the option to install it.

Online games are played for several reasons by people from all over the world. Many people play this game to assassinate enemies, and some simply play to shoot robots, while others play to practice their shooting skills.

 Some people play in teams and compete against each other. For others, it’s all about the story, and they find any action to be too dull. It is a fact that there are many people out there who love the thrill of high scores and climbing the rankings in their favorite games. 

Players can be found worldwide playing Call of Duty, and many of them have discovered that Android is a better platform to use than iOS.

Complete Details About Call Of Duty

Game Name Call of Duty
Mod MenuESP, Aimbot, Radar & many more!
Last version1.0.31
Download Premium On Avail Play Store


If you have played Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Game, you have likely experienced the excitement associated with completing tasks or missions. I think there are some simple and easy steps you could follow if you wanted to earn extra credit for your effort. Why not give them a try? In order to get a copy of Call of Duty: Mobile – Tokyo Escape Game, you can choose from multiple methods. I have provided a tutorial below that explains how to give it a try without having to download anything.


Does Cod Mobile mod APK work?

The Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK still allows access to all the multiplayer modes, and they work fine with your mobile device. All of your players can play the game even if they are all using the game’s standard version.

Can you cheat on COD Mobile?

In Call of Duty mobile, wallhacking is one of the most common hacks used by many players. Through the use of this hack, the player can locate enemies inside the walls of each level in the game. You can have the best Call of Duty mobile experience if you combine the wallhack with the aimbot.

How do you get free CP on Call of Duty Mobile

Keep your eyes open for giveaways in COD Mobile, as they are an excellent way for players to earn CP points. Often time players of COD Mobile will seek out giveaway events since they are free to enter. Players can obtain blueprints for weapons, various gears, operators, and accessible CP point rewards through the giveaways.


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