How to block someone on the cash app today

what happens when you block someone on the cash app; Cash app takes out the cash you sent, plus whatever fee it decides to charge for this service (2% is standard but can be higher if your bank doesn’t have a deal with them).

2. The person who received cash has access to that money minus any fees charged by their bank or withdrawal fee set up by the Cash app.

3. Cash app sends your recipient a notification that can decline the transaction or accept the transfer.

4. If they decline, you can do nothing but be frustrated because now they have your money, and you don’t. If they accept, it will take them 2-3 business days to access their money minus any fees, and you might get a notification (or not…who knows with the Cash app).

5. If they accept and it is a regular transfer, then the money will go right into their bank account, and you don’t need to do anything more! You can come back to this article if someone declines or sets up a weekly/monthly max withdrawal limit.




6. If they accept and it is a max withdrawal limit, then the money will stay in their Cash app account to access as long as they need/want (or until the deadline you set up).

7. Here’s the kicker…if your recipient takes too long to access their money, the Cash app might make them pay a max withdrawal limit fee and take the money back entirely. So make sure you encourage them to access it as soon as they can!

8. If they don’t want to access it within the deadline, the Cash app will either charge them a storage fee (I think $1/mo) or take out any remaining balance and give it to you.

9. If they decline the transaction, then they will most likely refund the money back to you (sometimes it takes a couple of days) minus whatever fee the Cash app decided to make them pay for this process (again, 2% is standard, but sometimes it might be more).

You can try asking your recipient if their bank allows refunds on declined transactions (some do and some don’t), but if they can’t get it back to you, then the Cash app will take out the amount minus any fees.
So for this process to work smoothly, be sure your recipient is responsible enough to access their money within the deadline.

Also, try not to have too many people decline the transaction because that will cost you money.
And I repeat, if your recipient declines or doesn’t access the money within the time limit, then the Cash app might make them pay fees (or take out what’s left of their balance), so encourage them to accept and follow up! Best Wishes to all readers about block someone on the cash app 🙂

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