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There are a few different mods for the game Arena of Valor right now, but they all work along the same lines. You have probably heard of them; League of Legends-inspired games like Arena of Valor MOD APK Android 1 (AoV) are all the rage right now, and mods like these can be a great way to enhance your experience as you play.
People who have played AoV will know that it is somewhat similar to other MOBAs. It has the same type of map layouts, similar characters, etc. However, there are still some things that can give you an edge. Instead of squaring off against other players in the game as you would with League, AoV pits you against bots instead. Or at least, it does by default.
Mods are available to help you change things up, though. Some mods will allow you to play against real players instead of bots, while others will add in a new character to play with. Let’s look at some of the mods available right now for this game.



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Features of Unlimited Everything

That’s a good time to start the Supremacy Blitz! Let’s have a good time! As a reward, players will receive a Qi skin if they defeat their opponents in the new season. Their opponents in the new season. Changing into the new mythical costumes for Tel’Annas and Tulen will be a great experience!

Arena of Valor GAMEPLAY

-Fast & Fun Matches

There are various exciting options for playing the game, such as selecting a game mode, finding opponents, and competing in the battle for 15 minutes or less.

-Fight With Friends

You can collaborate with your friends and guildmates to devise strategies and achieve victory.

-New Season, New Ranking, New Battle

Get to the top of the new season rankings by mastering and unleashing the heroes’ power from the depths of the battlefield.

 Mod for Arena of Valor (AoV) – Play with bots or play against real people

This is the most popular mod for Arena of Valor platinmods at the moment, and with good reason. The bot mod for this game is a great way to get familiar with the characters, items, and more on offer in this game. If you’ve ever played MOBA before, you will probably know what to expect, but if you are new to this type of game, you will appreciate being able to practice.

Arena of Valor Play with bots against real people

There are a lot of great features with this mod. It includes a cooldown display for the enemy, plus a “ping” function that will allow you to warn your allies when the enemy is missing from their lane or in a bush. You can also see the cooldowns of allied characters in your HUD. This mod is a great way to help you get started with the game.

Minimal HUD (AoV)

The HP, MP, and EXP bars are removed with this AoV latest version mod. This allows you to enjoy the game undistracted by these elements because they can be distracting when you are in the heat of battle. Having these elements removed means you will have more screen space to enjoy the game, and you will not be distracted when your allies or enemies use their abilities.

 Minimal HUD pro gameplay Minimal HUD pro gameplay

This mod also allows you to adjust the HP and EXP bars yourself if you’d like to bring them back, and it will also allow you to adjust the size and opacity of these features.

Super Hero  

This AoV mod skin apk adds a character from DC Comics into the game. It doesn’t just slap a skin on a surface, either. Instead, it works the same way as a new addition to a MOBA would. You have your own set of abilities, and you can level them up the same way as any other character in the game.

If you are a fan of DC Comics or enjoy playing new characters, you are sure to love this mod. It’s a great way to spice up your AoV experience.

 Skin mod for Arena of Valor (AoV)

This mod swaps all the characters in AoV APK Android 1 with characters from Marvel. All your favorite characters from the Marvel Universe are here, from Captain America to Iron Man and more.

 Skin mod for Arena of Valor

If you enjoy a bit of variety in your MOBAs, this mod is a great way to spice things up.

Mod for Arena of Valor (AoV) – More skins

This mod adds a host of new skins to the game. You will find that most characters from AoV have been treated to a new outfit, as well as some new weapons and effects that go with them. This is a great way to change things up, and it will help if you are getting a bit tired from seeing the same old skins from AoV all of the time.

Improved HUD 

As the name implies, this mod helps to improve your AoV Apk Happy Mod HUD in specific ways. If you are playing with bots, you will find that you can see the cooldowns of every character from your team, but not from the enemies. With this mod applied, you will be able to see the cooldowns of your enemies no matter what.

You will also see when your allies are missing from their lanes or when they ping the map. This mod adds a lot to the overall gameplay, and it is an excellent choice if you want a slightly different AoV experience.


This mod is designed to protect you against cheaters who might be trying to ruin the Arena of Valor offline MOD APK  Anti-Cheat Feature. Unfortunately, there are people out there who try and cheat in MOBAs, even though it is entirely unfair.

Arena Of Valor ANTI- Cheat for Unlimited Free Vouchers

This mod will prevent cheaters from doing anything to you, and it will also help the developers maintain the integrity of the game.

 Lobby  (AoV) – Idle Master

This idle master AoV mod is an exciting addition to the game. It will prevent your character from idling after a certain amount of time if you are not playing the game actively. If you are interested in leveling up your account quickly, Idle Master is a good choice.

 Lobby (AoV) – Monster Hunt

The mod makes it much easier to enjoy Monster Hunt mode in AoV. Instead of relying solely on bots, this mod adds real players into the mix so that you can enjoy Monster Hunt more easily. If you are a fan of Monster Hunt mode, this AoV mod is one of the best available.

Lobby (AoV) – Map Extension

This AoV mod extends your map so that you can make strategic decisions about where to go, and it also helps you avoid scams. You will notice when your enemies are missing, and you can also plan for where you want to go next. This mod is excellent for players who enjoy a strategic approach to AoV.

 New characters and Arena Mode

This mod adds many new characters to the game, all with their unique arena mode. If you are interested in trying out new characters and experiencing a different kind of playstyle, this is one of the best Arena of Valor mods.

Use Locked NEW Characters Without Unlocking

All characters unlocked

Instead of unlocking all the characters in AoV, this mod unlocks them all for you. If you are getting tired of grinding or paying for heroes, then this is an ideal AoV mod.

 Mod to fix game exploit in Arena of Valor (AoV)

Some players have discovered an exploit that helps them farm gold and, therefore, they can afford to buy all of the top-tier heroes. This mod is designed to prevent players from abusing this bug, and it will help maintain the integrity of the game. 

Mod to remove watermark from Arena of Valor (AoV)

This mod removes AoV’s ugly watermark that is plastered across the top of your screen. If you are annoyed by this watermark or obstructing part of your screen, then this mod will get rid of it for you.

The King’s Avatar

This Skin mod adds characters from “The King’s Avatar” into AoV. It makes the game more interesting, and it is an excellent choice if you are a fan of the “The King’s Avatar” anime.

King's Avatar Arena Mode

Detect illegal Mods

This mod will ensure that you never run into an unlawful mod again. There are a lot of cheaters out there who use illegal mods, and this mod will prevent them from being able to ruin your game.

 Camera mod for Arena of Valor (AoV)

This mod will allow you to move your camera wherever you would like. If you want to see more of the battlefield or are annoyed that your camera is in an inconvenient position, then this mod is for you.

Awakened Archer

If you are playing the Awakened Archer, this mod is an excellent way to show your support and pride. You can change the appearance of your Archer with this mod, and it will make the game more fun and enjoyable for you.

Customizable Armbands

This mod allows you to customize your armband colors in AoV. It is a creative and fun way to show off your personality in the game, and it can also help you distinguish your allies from your enemies.

A new hero

This mod allows players to add a new hero to the game. The only downside of this mod is that there is no way to delete the new hero from your competition. If you have no desire to play this new character, you should not download this mod.

 Expand your map

This AoV mod allows you to see more of the map of King’s Glory. It is an excellent option for players who like playing on the edge of their seats, and it can also help you see your enemies on the map from far away.

New loading screen

This mod changes the loading screen for AoV. If you are tired of looking at the same old dull loading screen, you should try this mod.

Unlock all heroes

This AoV mod allows you to unlock all of the heroes in the game. If you like collecting and playing as AoV characters, this mod is for you.

Unlock all heroes Arena Mode

Design mod for Arena of Valor (AoV)

This mod gives players the ability to design their hero, and it is a great way to show your creativity and distinctiveness in the game.


This mod allows you to add a new hero to the game. The only downside of this mod is that there is no way to delete the new hero from your competition. If you have no desire to play this new character, you should not download this mod.




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