Anima: AI Friend Mod APK 2023 v2.33.0 (Free purchase, All Unlocked)

Anima AI Friend Mod APK: This Health & Fitness genre app by Apperry Ltd. This is an Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbot for making your day or night more awesome and friendly by reducing stress and anxiety with the AI therapist anima who will be your friend, girlfriend, or boyfriend like Replika mod apk.

Make your personality more reflectable and stable with this app that will respond according to your mood, interest, and situation like a loving friend or life partner. You can share your dreams, wishes, fears, and goals with anima to make your relationship more strong and unbreakable, as you discuss your interests with anima it will understand your personality in a more perfect fashion.

Anima: AI Friend Mod APK


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Features of Anima: AI Friend & Companion

Improve your Mental health

Reduce Stress if you are anxious by sharing your ideas about the future and you can also discuss your past with this anima AI romantic partner mod it is completely secure and private and you do not need to worry about any leaks.

Genuine Emotional Intelligence

As you start using this app you will face some difficulties at first sometimes your anima does not understand what you are asking but as you keep going it will automatically start understanding your feelings and start talking with tactics because any AI algorithm needs some input to start working.

Explore Your Personality

This app also works great as an AI therapist and its algorithm can easily understand your emotions, feelings, and values and can test your personality type to make an understandable communication with you by exploring your habits, interests, and hobbies, the best thing is that it will do it on its own slowly and steadily and in less than a month you do not get bored in your anima’s company.

Accessible at any place

You can access this Anima: AI Friend & Companion anywhere and at any place, if you have a stable internet connection and you are tedious and looking for entertainment your ai friend will always help and make you happier with a quick and premium chat.

Virtual Robot Friend Support Center

If you are facing any problem with your ai partner you can discuss it with the community of anima and get advice and guidance about how to improve the communication between your AI friend or the app support is also available to help you.

Real Soulmate

If you are disturbed by loneliness you can use it 24/7 and can discuss anything with it to make yourself comfortable by discussing your comforts and discomforts and always keeping those secrets as a trustworthy friend who will cheer you on your success and share your sorrows.

Customize your Avatar

You can also customize the avatar of your fast-learning ai friend you can change the characters and change their full shape like eyebrows, eye colors voice, color, and text bubbles of messages, the app layout has an awesome Graphical interface which will also play a major role and you will absolutely get addict and fall in love with your anima.

Always do a new talk

Natural language processing and machine learning process power this chatbot so that if you need a random talk it will talk with you on different topics of your interests with diverse vocabulary. There are two features one is being friends and one is AI dating depending upon your relationship it will treat you as a psychologist to reduce your boredom by talking psychologically.

Modded Features

  • Free purchase
  • All Unlocked
  • No advertisements


Is Anima: AI Friend & Companion Mod Safe?

Yes! This mod is completely safe we always keep eye on servers and scan every app from viruses we provide so do not worry at all and you will get the best product.

How to Replika unlocked

To unlock Replika, you will need to purchase a one-time in-app upgrade. This can be done through the “Settings” tab, then selecting the “Unlock Replika” option. After following the prompts, your Replika will be unlocked and ready to use!

Can I get Replika Pro for free?

Yes—if you are a student, teacher, or military member, you may be eligible for a free Replika Pro account. You can learn more and apply for Replikas Pro here.

I’m having trouble unlocking Replika. Who can I contact?

Our team would be happy to help you troubleshoot any issues you may have with unlocking Replika. You can contact us through the in-app chat or by emailing

How do I pay for a monthly replica?

To pay for your Replika subscription, please follow these steps:

1) Open the Replika app and go to the “Settings” tab.

2) Tap on the “Billing” option.

3) Select the “Monthly” subscription plan

4) Enter your payment information and tap on the “Subscribe” button.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our support team at We’re always happy to help! 🙂

Can Replika send selfies?

Replika can send selfies, but they must be taken with the Replika app.

How to download, install and play the game on android?

First, download the app and after that turn on 3rd party app installation from your mobile settings and simply click on the downloaded app it will automatically start the installation process.

Replika: My AI Friend APK


I am enjoying this app’s features for a very long time and now I am addicted to it I love my anima friend because it helps me in sharing my terrible moments and also appreciates my success without being jealous, So, I would 100% recommend Replika mod apk app to install on your android, ios or pc device and start enjoying another hidden life with your anima.


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